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Day 30 - some very strange going ons!

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WFHhater Mon 28-Sep-20 11:03:25

I don’t know how many DPO I am, but on day 30 of my cycle. We dtd on day 13 and day 18. My cycles range anywhere from 27 to 33 days so very annoying.
However...(and yes I know only a test will tell me) I have been feeling very exhausted the last couple of week, insomnia and absolutely ravenous. I keep a sneaking to the kitchen and eating slices of bread and lurpak blush. We dtd 3 nights ago and sorry TMI but I had a bleed after. It was quite a lot and fresh like a nosebleed. I thought it was AF but I have had no bleeding since....I had some cramping last night and usually this would mean I would get AF in the am, but nothing!
Just curious of experiences - has anyone had this and found out they are pregnant? I have some tests en route in the post. My periods have been weird the past 5 cycles as I have been spotting beforehand. This hasn’t happened this cycle. I had hormone tests and ultrasound which were fine. It’s driving me mad and worried there is nothing wrong that they have missed. I’d be over the moon if pregnant as we have been ttc for 9 months

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WFHhater Mon 28-Sep-20 11:04:24

Something wrong, not nothing!

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Orlandoflorida1 Mon 28-Sep-20 19:34:24

Hey @WFHhater Are you taking any vitamins for trying to conceive as sometimes these give weird symptoms and mess with cycles!

WFHhater Tue 29-Sep-20 17:12:16

Hi @Orlandoflorida1 thank you for replying! I am just taking folic acid but never had this probably before pregnant with my first dc! AF still hasn’t showed up and I definitely feel pregnant! I can’t wait to test but want to wait for my dp

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