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TTC October Crew?

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OliviaGrace1x Mon 28-Sep-20 09:48:59

Hey guys! TTC since March! Periods have become irregular since I took Northisterone (to delay my periods) in January! So my days may be off (deffo will be off) but it's worth a try. Just stress as my partners in the army so he's away all week and I feel he will miss my most fertile days 😂 any others want to share the journey?


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CookieMonster3001 Mon 28-Sep-20 11:04:54

@OliviaGrace1x Hi! I am starting my first cycle in October for my first baby. AF is due today so looking forward to it starting so I can get it out the way (never thought I would say I was looking forward to AF arrival!). Luckily my AF only lasts around 2 days. Ovulation is predicted to be around 11th October! smile

Flowerkm Mon 28-Sep-20 11:16:30

Hey, Id like to join please smile On CD5 today and due to ovulate on the 8th October, this will be my 2nd month TTC and I came off the pill the end of June.

@OliviaGrace1x Ah, sorry to hear your cycles are a bit all over the place. Do you have a rough idea when you'll ovulate? Id happily share this journey 😌

OliviaGrace1x Mon 28-Sep-20 11:20:40

@Flowerkm yeah well I'll give you some of my info! I'm only 23. I got pregnant 3 years ago with my current partner and we didn't go through with the pregnancy. I've regretted it ever since and the guilt just eats me up 😭 my partners now in the army so we've gone down the typical path of TTC and talking about maybe having a small quick wedding! I took Northisterone in January and since then my periods are so messed up my cycles range from 20/30/35 days and they're different every month so I have no idea when I'm ovulating or anything 😫 so stressful.

I have heard these pills work though called seven seas trying to conceive. They give you the extra nutrients and things like that which make conceiving easier. My friend used them and they worked for her and there's also so many good reviews online so maybe worth a go? I've bought them but not used them yet!

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OliviaGrace1x Mon 28-Sep-20 11:23:17

@CookieMonster3001 omg I'd love a regular cycle!!😂mine are so messed up now and have been since January. Really annoying me as we didn't go through with our first pregnancy which I've regretted ever since so I just really want to get pregnant now! Hoping October is my month!

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Flowerkm Mon 28-Sep-20 11:27:40

@OliviaGrace1x Ah, Im 27 but felt ready for so much longer! 23 is a lovely age to start a family. It sounds like you have a good plan ahead.
Aww, Im sorry to hear that and you feel that way thanks

Are you tracking ovulation with the tests or temperature checking? Ive heard of them and heard good reviews so it could be worth a go. Im taking Folic Acid and Vitamin D smile

wildraisins Mon 28-Sep-20 11:41:55

Hi everyone. I'm 31 and just starting with TTC our first.

I've just come off the mini-pill a few days ago and also worried my periods will be irregular! I've been on and off the pill for years and whenever I come off it I seem to have irregular periods for a while, sometimes skipping one altogether. I don't know if that effects TTC but hoping they will even out so I can have some idea of ovulation times.

Very exciting times smile Good luck OP!

wildraisins Mon 28-Sep-20 11:43:49

I'm taking Wellwoman supplements. I don't think there are any vitamins that will actually make you more likely to conceive, but definitely getting the recommended amount of folic acid is a good thing for the health of the baby smile

purplepoppet92 Mon 28-Sep-20 11:46:44

Would love to join!
I'm 28f and first month TTC our first baby.
Came off my pill in August after 9 years on it! Have had my first period this month, now on CD4

OliviaGrace1x Mon 28-Sep-20 12:19:28

@Flowerkm aw thank you that's sweet so many people say I'm too young but it's all I want from life. I feel like it's the reason I'm here 😂 - really hoping we can conceive ASAP! And I've heard mixed reviews from the ovulation tests! But I am going to try and track like discharge (ew I know sorry haha) etc! Not sure how to get my periods regular again though. They've been irregular for 9 months now and we're fine before so it's just doing my head in!😫

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purplepoppet92 Mon 28-Sep-20 12:24:20

@Oliviagrace1 try getting ovulation strips and testing. If you've irregular periods it's going to be tough to predict ovulation so you may be best to just test daily and do the deed when they're positive?

Flowerkm Mon 28-Sep-20 12:46:42

@OliviaGrace1x Aw you're welcome. A lot of people STILL say to me, oh you're young..blah blah blah and Im like?? Why do i need to wait until a certain age if Im ready?? At what age am I not young? Lol Thats really nice you feel that way and really maternal.
My sister had her first at 21 (while buying a house) and then her other at 25 i think and shes the most amazing mum, shes all settled in her house and planning a wedding - being young doesn't mean anything and its up to you how you do things.

Tracking discharge is a good way as well smile it's difficult to pin point ovulation if you have irregular cycles but when your partner is home just make sure you're doing the deed regularly and then hopefully you catch the perfect time.

Have you contacted the GP? Might be worth a chat to see if they can recommend anything smile

@wildraisins @purplepoppet92 Hey! grin
Im also CD5 so similar to you purplepoppet smile

Blughbablugh Mon 28-Sep-20 13:00:22

Hi all, can I join please? TTC baby number 2, already have a 3 year old. I unfortunately had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago at 5 weeks. Currently awaiting AF and will then be trying again so have no idea what day I'm on.

Nam095 Mon 28-Sep-20 13:09:49

Hey can I join 🙋🏼‍♀️ now onto my 4th month TTC, AF arrived this morning. Also TTC my first. Didn’t think this would be so emotionally difficult!

lucyrp Mon 28-Sep-20 13:20:40

@OliviaGrace1x hey can I join! TTC baby number 2 but number 1 with my current partner, I had to jump on and say hey when I saw your message as I am also 23 and me and my current partner who's 24 got pregnant 4 years ago and didn't go through with it but I had to go through a pseudo labour at 15 weeks and it broke me💔 I really wish we had gone through with it but my DS was only 1 and things were still complicated with his dsd so wasn't the right time. I was on depo provera injection from then until June last year and we've been TTC ever since. I had a chemical in may and my cycles have been so messed up since sk haven't really been able to track anything, I've tried opks and temping but nothing seems to pick ovulation up to the point where I'm wondering if I even ovulate at the moment since my cp. I've had my CD21 bloods done today to check if I've ovulated and I get the results next week. Then I'm being referred to a fertility clinic! Trying to get OH to go for his SA is like trying to walk over glass 🙄 my DS is now 5 and I really want him to have a sibling ASAP!

BumpLoading Mon 28-Sep-20 13:28:36

Can I join in smile
Have a 1 year old but trying to conceive another so he has a close in age playmate, been trying since August and was hoping it would happen right away as it did with my first but apparently that not how the world works blush
Have heard good things about ovulation tests so going to try that this month once my period has ended!

CookieMonster3001 Mon 28-Sep-20 13:29:51

@oliviagrace1x I am so sorry to hear about your experience, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that your periods regulate soon. Have you been using any ovulation kits or anything to see when you might ovulate? Hoping October is all of our month! smile

@flowerkm I am 33 so a little older than you guys, really hope that doesn't make it harder to conceive..atm I am only taking vit d and folic acid

I have been using OPKs and temping for the last 4 months to really get to grips with my cycle, and definitely glad I did as the apps were saying I was ovulating about 4/5 days after I actually do.

For me it is the opposite, I get from every single angle and ever person I see, oh when are you going to have a baby, you aren't getting any younger (jee thanks!!)

@blughbablugh I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Fingers crossed for this cycle.

@nam095 sorry to hear AF has arrived again! I can imagine how draining it must be. We haven't even officially started yet and its amazing how overwhelming it can all be! Fingers crossed for this month!

OliviaGrace1x Mon 28-Sep-20 13:41:11

@CookieMonster3001 hey! Yeah I hope they regulate soon. Honestly so annoying as before January they were normal. I have no idea about ovulation strips or temping or anything but because my periods are irregular, they're longer cycles most of the time. And because my partners in the army and only back some weekends it makes me chances just even less -.- ! And I'm SO DESPERATE TO CONCEIVE! Lol.

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Izzie94 Mon 28-Sep-20 13:53:03

Heyyyyy, can I join too please 🙋🏽‍♀️ Been trying since January, ahhhh! I’m 26, my partners 31. I recently paid for private fertility checks (blood tests and internal scan) - lol yes I’m crazy and thought something was wrong. But all is ok! And my partners SA was spot on too!

Currently on CD32, (usually 28/29, but haven’t tested yet as my boobs are less sore so it seems af is coming any day) onto cycle 10 😅

2020letsdothis Mon 28-Sep-20 14:53:17

Can I join too? 31 year old here. This will be our first month TTC, with baby number 1. All a bit overwhelming but exciting to be honest! Not overly sure what I should be doing. According to Clue, my period is due 9th October (has been spot on, give or take a day or 2 the past few months). Can anyone advise when I should start Ovulation tests? is it at the start of the month, or your period? My app says I'm due to ovulate 29th October, but a bit nervous this might not be totally accurate. How are others finding the apps? Do you find they work well? I currently take folic acid, anyone any other recommendations? Thanks smile

2020letsdothis Mon 28-Sep-20 14:56:31


Heyyyyy, can I join too please 🙋🏽‍♀️ Been trying since January, ahhhh! I’m 26, my partners 31. I recently paid for private fertility checks (blood tests and internal scan) - lol yes I’m crazy and thought something was wrong. But all is ok! And my partners SA was spot on too!

Currently on CD32, (usually 28/29, but haven’t tested yet as my boobs are less sore so it seems af is coming any day) onto cycle 10 😅

Hi Izzie94,

I've been wondering about tests! I'm a bit of an over thinker to be honest, and have been wondering more about these tests recently. Were they worth the money for the peace of mind do you think? This will be our first month trying, so it would be more out of curiosity than need at the moment, but part of me thinks it might save time further down the line if necessary! Glad to hear all was well with yours!!xx

Izzie94 Mon 28-Sep-20 15:06:02

@2020letsdothis hi lovely! I definitely think it was worth it, for peace of mind✨ I had mine early too, around 3 months ttc just because I wanted to know everything was ok! It was only £150.00 I didn’t think that was bad! It certainly stopped me stressing ☺️ - although, nearly month 10 now and I’m worrying they missed something. But that’s cause im probably a little crazy lol!!! Xx

Izzie94 Mon 28-Sep-20 15:09:42

@2020letsdothis just saw your other post too! How long is your cycle usually? Depending on your cycle length you’ll need to start using opks on a set day ☺️ Some tend to find they ovulate earlier or later than the aps! I tried to stop using the apps for a while and “relax” but that hasn’t helped 😅 do you notice any other things around ovulation? Ewcm? Lots of women on here also go by that rather than ovulation tests xx

lucyrp Mon 28-Sep-20 15:15:10

@2020letsdothis I wouldn't really listen to apps if I were you, your best bet is to track with opks and bbt, I used the clear blue opks which you're supposed to start on CD8 of a 28 day cycle but there's a chart in the instructions which tells you when to start them based on how long your cycle is. I find them easier than the cheap ones but they are pricey. I also use bbt although the last couple of months I didn't as my cycles went so long compared to normall. I'm normally a 30 day cycle woman but I had a chemical pregnant in may and since then I've had one of 72 days and one of 48 and I'm currently on CD23 of my next praying for a BFP or AF

Flower3411 Mon 28-Sep-20 15:15:29

Hey smile, Can i join? My cycles are super irregular they range from 40/60 days! Im 20 (young i know, but 100% ready) my partner is older too. Been over 12 months already and at a loss really. I get positive OPKs but still not certain i am ovulating! So stressful but hopefully so worth it in the end x

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