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Heavy lower stomach.. dragging feeling?

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ovu3 Mon 28-Sep-20 09:21:31

Hi all, hope everyone is well!

10DPO today and feeling a little odd.
AF is due in 4 days!

I've got a really 'heavy' feeling in my lower stomach.. that's all I can describe it as?! almost like a dragging / pulling sensation and shooting down occasionally, into my bottom 😳🤣

Feeling just generally crap today, boobs are SOLID, tender and sensitive, lots of blue veins running to the areola and nipple and they are quite hot to touch.. very full feeling!!

Not sure what to do, if I should test once home from work this evening or if I'm still a little early at 10DPO.. any guidance is greatly appreciated as I'm a bit of a newbie to this 😅🤷‍♀️

Would be great to hear from anybody else experiencing the same x.

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ovu3 Mon 28-Sep-20 10:11:22

also got the headache from hell, I actually almost feel hung over but I don't drink! 🤣🤣 bodies are weird things sometimes! 🤔

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