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1 week late, negative tests, abdominal pain?!

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walkingout101 Sun 27-Sep-20 21:58:27

Hi @Otter3000 I remember your original thread.

I would persist.It could be ectopic, or it could be just a funny cycle. It isn't worth taking a chance. Did you keep any of your faint pregnancy tests? I would have thought your GP could arrange bloods for you.

Otter3000 Sun 27-Sep-20 21:33:03

Anyone? I wasn’t sure where to post this

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Otter3000 Sun 27-Sep-20 16:45:22


I initially posted a few weeks ago with some faint positive pregnancy tests at 8 or 9dpo. However, the ones I did following that were negative or very very barely there. They were IC’s and I put it down to unreliable tests and false positives.
However I’m now almost 8 days late and still no AF. I’ve been having burning/bubbling time pain, more severe than usual cramps. And at times stabbing pains. They come and go and aren’t excruciating, but are pretty painful. I’ve also felt exhausted and nauseous quite a lot.
Yesterday I went to the walk in centre where they did 2 pregnancy tests which again were negative. I also tested negative for any sort of UTI’s. The nurse pressed my stomach which was sore over my womb and my BP was pretty low. Other than that though he told me that it could be stress or a hormonal change. He also told me it was unlikely to be ectopic pregnancy as I’d usually have a positive test, but if I was really worried to call the gynae A&E at the maternity and gynae hospital in our city and they’d arrange a blood test and a scan.

Today after still no AF and my brain going mad wondering what’s up with this pain I spent 25 minutes trying to get through to the gynae A&E as suggested by the walk in, only to have a woman repeatedly call me ‘hunny’ and quite literally ask “and what would you like us to about this? You’re obviously not pregnant you’ve had several negative tests”. I don’t necessarily think I am pregnant but I am worried as this is very very unusual for me. She told me to take stronger painkillers and make an appointment with my GP. I asked about a scan and a blood test and she said they wouldn’t do this.

Am I worrying over nothing? Should I just leave this and accept that it’s not an emergency? Has anyone had anything similar? Just for context I have been a little overwhelmed recently as my DS has started primary school and it’s meant a bit of an adjustment for me with working full time etc. But I wouldn’t say I was particularly under a ‘period stopping’ amount of stress!

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