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PCOS and IUI - has anyone had any success?!

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Isaree Tue 29-Sep-20 09:45:21

Sorry for the late reply.

How did your scan go?

It sounds like you are doing all the right things, which is great for you and your future little one.

Did they diagnose you with PCOS by Ultrasound? Or purely by your BMI and irregulars cycles? As the later two alone is not 100% reliable.

Definitely keep doing what you're doing, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Try to reduce the stress at work, by any creative means possible and you should be in a even better place ttc wise within a couple months.


BananaHammock23 Sun 27-Sep-20 09:30:16

Hi @Isaree - thanks for your reply!

I don't know why I really wasn't expecting PCOS to cause so many issues for me. I don't have hardly any symptoms usually so while I've known I have PCOS for a while, it's never really bothered me.

I'll look into IVM, thanks for the tip.

The consultant rang after I posted actually and suggested I up the dose of Menopur over the weekend and see where we are on Monday when I get scanned again. The hope is that I'll have a few follicles big enough to go ahead, or if I've overstimulated they'll 'pop' a few of them (grim!) we'd be having a trigger shot anyway so hopefully ovulation won't be an issue.

My BMI is high - 36.5, but I've got it down from 40 with diet and exercise. I take metformin which has really helped me to shift about 3 stone, but I'd still like to lose another 2-3. I'm seeing a personal trainer twice a week, I swim in the sea most days (will hit the pool soon as the weather is worsening!). I take supplements, I eat a largely gluten free diet, I don't have any caffeine or alcohol. I have acupuncture once a week! Work can be stressful but otherwise everything is great. Apart from this of course!

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Isaree Sun 27-Sep-20 07:19:30

Hi lovely,

PCOS is definitely challenging...

In-vitro maturation is a successful alternative for women for PCOS, although there are very limited places that do this.

However if you can conceive naturally with some assistance, like you are trying to do, that is the preferred option, rather than have the egg in an artificial environment.

14 is a good size but yes, it might not ovulate... fingers crossed for you.

How is everything else with you? BMI, exercise, diet, stress? The reason I ask is because these can also influence your hormone levels and help with the cycles you are doing.


BananaHammock23 Fri 25-Sep-20 18:53:58

I’m at my wits end 😕 we’ve had two abandoned rounds of IUI and started our third this cycle. I had a scan today (day 11) and I’ve got one follicle to 14 but it’s just not looking like it’s going to get up to 18 to have the actual IUI. This would be the third time this has happened - stimulated and ready to go but unable to have the actual procedure. The hopes were I'd be in a good place today to have the IUI on Monday. I’m going to carry on with Menopur over the weekend but I have a feeling it won’t happen again and it’s devastating. I'm resistant to the medication and it's so frustrating. Has anyone else with PCOS had this with medicated IUI? Has anyone ever had any success?

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