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Smudgy shadow line eyes needed

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SparklePrincesss Fri 25-Sep-20 10:22:05

😩😩😩 I looked again at my test from this morning and I'm convinced there's a shadowy line! I've looked so much in different lights round the house and inverted it that I now have line eyes. 🙈🙈🙈 please someone knock it out of me if I'm just seeing things!! It's the very top one I can see something more in reality

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Sarahjh86 Fri 25-Sep-20 10:46:38

There a squinter in the top one xx

SparklePrincesss Fri 25-Sep-20 11:53:59

This ones a bit clearer. It's weird as I don't see it when I look directly at it but when you look beside the test you see it... if that makes sense? Ahhh I've ordered frers 🙈

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Sarahjh86 Fri 25-Sep-20 12:20:16

Yeah makes sense fingers crossed for you x

TheDaydreamBelievers Fri 25-Sep-20 14:37:40

I'm sorry I do not see anything but wishing you all the best and lots of luck

calimommy Fri 25-Sep-20 20:13:54

I don't see a second line on any of them sorry

GanderousGoose Fri 25-Sep-20 20:57:23

I can see lines on the top two but since they are from this morning, I think likely to be evap lines.

SparklePrincesss Fri 25-Sep-20 22:34:19

@GanderousGoose Thankyou lovely! I took the photo almost 10 mins after I took the test. I've no idea when I ovulated so just grasping at straws probably

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GanderousGoose Sat 26-Sep-20 09:40:11

For reference, these were mine last cycle - not pregnant. I tested like a crazy person and these came up one evening after being negative all day. I did another test an hour later - negative again. No idea what was going on with that particular urine sample ha!

SparklePrincesss Sat 26-Sep-20 09:57:54

@GanderousGoose apparently indents are common with the strip tests so I'm guessing that's what's happened with me as today's test was as white as can be. I had spotting last night too which is normal for me a week before af.

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