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Tips on getting pregnant

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Fearicecream Thu 24-Sep-20 23:15:32

So I had ivf to conceive my DD 2.5 and my twin DD’s 14 months.
DD 1 was my 3rd attempt at FET (frozen embryo transfer)
DD twins were 4th
So first 2 FET’s were unsuccessful

During my 3rd try I did a lot of research and I believe this helped me become pregnant.

Firstly, before the FET I drank Pom juice, this helped thicken my lining and the embryo implant. I continued drinking this until 5/6 weeks pregnant.

2/3 days after FET I had the core of a pineapple. This helped with implantation. You can do this couple of days after dtd.

Baby aspirin - helps to thicken the lining (but do check with you gp before taking please) also helps with blood flow going to the embryo I believe and preventing miscarriage.

Raspberry tea - drink leading up to days you’ll be conceiving but none after you’ve dtd.

Keep your feet and your womb warm. I wore thick socks all day and to bed done nights (which I hated) I even kept a hot water bottle on my feet and stayed under a blanket (thank god it was winter).

This worked for my FET and I believe it would work for you ladies who are naturally TTC.

Best of luck!

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Fearicecream Fri 25-Sep-20 12:05:57

Bumping for anyone who missed it.

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Kay00 Fri 25-Sep-20 18:51:27

Thank you @Fearicecream these are some good tips!! I didn't know about needing to keep warm... I guess my 2 x camping trips during my last TWW probably didn't help my attempts then 😅

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