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Wishful thinking or am I not?

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Akc91 Thu 24-Sep-20 10:13:07

Hi smileeveryone this is my first time on mums net, I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice or been in a similar situation and what happened..... i am 28 years old, currently day 32 in my cycle not sure on ovulation but I have done 2 tests 1 on cd 28 and 1 this morning both come back negative... my cervix is quite high and soft, I have very mild cramping that comes and goes for the last week, my b**bs sore and ache and bigger..... just looking for someone to talk to really i don't understand what is going on with my body im usually clockwork ... any reply would be appreciated and lovely to know if anyone is going/ has been through the same. Thank you

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