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Not sure if ovulating or early period?

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Franny133 Wed 23-Sep-20 19:51:19

Hi, me again (sorry) I don't know if anyone can help but I'm super confused as per the title. This is mine and OH's first cycle of TTC baby no1. I've been tracking my periods the last few years with Flo as they are slightly irregular and usually last for 7 days. I average a 33 day cycle but some months are longer but never usually shorter, queue the confusion.

I'm predicted a 36 day cycle this month with ovulation being today. I've been tracking my CM and got some EWCM on CD 17-21, DTD on CD 12, 15, 17 and 18.

I've had light cramping and spotting in my CM on CD 20 and 21 (posted previously about it with pic) and today I've had a fair amount of red/brown spotting with cramps, I also had a few spots show up on my chin which I don't really get until closer to period. I have no idea if this is AF starting super early (not due for another 2 weeks though) or if I'm ovulating? I highly doubt it's implantation unless I ovulated way earlier than predicted, but it wouldn't match up with when I've had the most amount of fertile CM.

Sorry to waffle on, would really appreciate any help 😊

Side note - went to the loo a few mins ago and still blood but this time with a couple of little clots.

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