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AJE131520 Wed 23-Sep-20 13:36:14

So I took the Ella one 5 day pill as a one off I am now 9 days late has anybody had any so Experiences with this delaying your period or would it be worth buying a test ?

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Yogity Wed 23-Sep-20 14:10:18

I have taken Ella One once and my period showed up 2 days later which was a little early, but I think it can delay your period as well. My next two were out of sync.

I think it's worth taking a test to put your mind at ease. Fingers crossed for you OP

Myhooversucks Wed 23-Sep-20 17:18:52

I’m in a similar boat. I took the pill on sunday. Then read it only delays ovulation. So your period could well just be late.
My issue is I was ovulating at the time so slightly worried it won’t work.
I would take a test if I were you though @

AJE131520 Wed 23-Sep-20 18:40:15

Thanks for the reply’s guys
Yes I was Also ovulating when I took it hmm
I will buy a test if nothing happens buy next week

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Myhooversucks Wed 23-Sep-20 19:08:17

Next week? I’d be running to the store tonight if my period were that late. 😂
Did you do a test to show you were ovulating?
I’m going to be testing from 8dpo!

AJE131520 Thu 24-Sep-20 09:46:43

I’m delaying the inevitable I think grin
I done an online calculator to see when ovulation was and turned out to be exactly the same time I took the after pill confused

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mouldygrapes Thu 24-Sep-20 09:51:45

Ella one works by delaying ovulation. So, if taken before ovulation has occurred, it can delay the next cycle.
However, it can’t delay what’s already occurred. If you took it when ovulation had already happened, it won’t have been able to delay anything. So there is a risk of pregnancy and if you’re 9 days late you should definitely test.
Good luck

Myhooversucks Wed 30-Sep-20 21:09:20

Any news @AJE131520
I’ve just done a test and I think it’s positive!!

AJE131520 Thu 01-Oct-20 07:17:05

Hi thank you for all your reply’s
It did however work for me it seems it just delayed my cycle so altogether I was 13 days late from it I hope this may help somebody else out that may be in the same position I was in so far I have always had. A positive experience with the MAP but never had the experience of been so late from it

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Myhooversucks Thu 01-Oct-20 10:16:27

I’m glad you got the result you were after.... I’m definitely pregnant. 😬 so didn’t work for me.

Daisyandco Mon 02-Nov-20 21:38:47

Hi all hope you don’t mind me adding here but I’m going out my mind!
I took the pill 8 weeks ago today!!! And no period! Some cramps but no show so far! All I had was some brown discharge for half a day around the the time I was due my period this month.
I took the pill on 8th of August which was around the time I expected my period and I actually haven’t had a period now for 12 weeks but 8 since the pull.
Myhooversucks how long after taking the pill did you get a positive test?
My tests have been negative so surely I’m not ! I’ve been trying to get in my gp but no luck.
Any advice appreciated I will ofc keep trying with the gp! Xx

Daisyandco Mon 02-Nov-20 21:49:19

8th of September I took the pill not August*

Myhooversucks Tue 03-Nov-20 08:54:47

If you took the pill around the time of your period the pill wouldn’t have worked had you already fallen pregnant that month as ovulation most likely would have been 2 weeks prior..(if your cycle is regular)
If the only accident you had was around when your period was due I very much doubt you’re pregnant. I imagine the pill has messed with your cycle.
I got a positive a few days before my period was due, around 11 days after conception.
Hope this helps. Xxx

Daisyandco Thu 05-Nov-20 08:21:13

Hi myhooversucks thanks for your reply and advice.
I totally agree with your comment.
I think that was the only time that month that we DTD approx 5 days before period then took the pill 3 days later.
Still no show of AF tho occasional cranks, I have a gp call booked in tomorrow. I will update this thread in hope it may help someone else in the future.
Thank you xx

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