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Seven Seas Trying for a Baby Vitamins

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kozykoala Thu 17-Sep-20 11:24:21

Does anyone know if the Seven Seas Trying for a Baby tablet is ok to take while breastfeeding? Still feeding DC1 but want to try for DC2 soon! TIA smile

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october18 Thu 17-Sep-20 12:01:37

Not sure about that but they made my periods horrendous and when I was ttc (due in 2 weeks) they completely messed with my cycles. I remember asking on here at the time if anyone else had the same experience and it was quite common. I've had the same cycles for years...28 days, light, 3 day bleed etc When I started these they were lasting a week with horrifically heavy bleeds. I stopped them and was pregnant the next month.

AnxiousAnnie86 Thu 17-Sep-20 12:59:05

This is interesting, as my cycles have become really long! Like 35/40 days and I have been taking seven seas.... I wonder if I should just switch to folic acid and a Vit D

october18 Thu 17-Sep-20 13:13:42

That's what I ended up doing, no idea if there was any link but my cycles returned to normal. I stopped taking them in December/January and had a chemical that month. Pregnant the next.

october18 Thu 17-Sep-20 13:20:59

I should add, only started taking them in October and felt the effects within weeks.

AnxiousAnnie86 Thu 17-Sep-20 13:22:13

@october18 interesting!!! I'm glad I found this post! I'm going to stop taking them for a while and just take vit d and folic acid!! See what happens!! X

xoxochellexoxo Thu 17-Sep-20 13:46:03

My cycles vary every month from 30-40 days and i ended up having a randum 61 day cycle was even at the drs for it started taking seven seas and got my period 5 days later and the cycle after that was 31 days im hoping this month will be the same or il get my BFP !!

ForeverHopeful17 Thu 17-Sep-20 13:53:16

This completely messed up my cycles, I saw the reviews and ignored thinking it wouldn't happen to me as I have been so regular since I started puberty but it completely ruined my cycles. I went from 28 days to 37!

AMS19 Thu 17-Sep-20 13:57:33

I'm just about to start the pregnicare one - does this also mess with the cycle does anyone know? I really hope not! I got it because I thought it helped 😬

Moominmiss Thu 17-Sep-20 13:59:44

No experience with seven seas but the one month I took a multi vit instead of my separate folic acid and vit d, I had a longer cycle, 34 days instead of 29.

I’ve since stopped and returned to just folic acid and vit d. I’ve read lots about multi vits doing the same thing so I won’t be using them again.

Moominmiss Thu 17-Sep-20 14:00:41

@AMS19 I’ve read lots of posts about ladies saying the same about pregnacare too. Seems to be most of the multi vitamin tablets do the same!

AMS19 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:18:16

@Moominmiss oh dear! Maybe I'll just take them now before I start actively trying in November and hope i don't screw anything too much. I've just come off the pill so in all honestly don't have much hope for decent cycles for a while yet anyway

willacrystalballwork Thu 17-Sep-20 15:59:53

They gave me awful headaches, every day!

Spin4Gin Thu 17-Sep-20 16:15:10

The seven seas ones made my cycles
Really long and really difficult to track so I stopped taking them. Switched to just taking folic acid and vit D instead.

AnxiousAnnie86 Thu 24-Sep-20 08:54:07

I stopped taking seven seas after reading the info on here, and I have just had a flashing smiley on clear blue advanced that's ten days ago earlier then last two cycles! Could be coincidence but I have heard a lot of stories about per natals lengthening cycles.... now I am just taking folic acid, a D and omega 3 x

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