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Anyone had an evap like this?

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snapple21 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:21:05

Did this test today at 9 days po. Line came up within a minute or so. Done an Asda's own 4 days early test plus a clear blue digi and it's negative. Any thoughts?

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Dory3 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:28:45

Looks positive to me I would test again in the morning. Were the other tests done with the same sample?

snapple21 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:30:12

Thanks for the reply @Dory3 yes I used the same sample. I can't find the sensitivities for the tests anywhere.

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Sweetk0987poiu Wed 16-Sep-20 17:31:30

I’m having same issue! I’ve had 2 first response tests (4 days before period due) that looked positive to me, had 2 digi cb tests both negative, due my period today and nothing hmm looks positive but heard blue tests are bad for evap lines, try waiting it out closer to your period is due

Bellaashley Wed 16-Sep-20 17:55:34

This looks like a positive to me 🤞

Also, I had a positive on a FRER (10DPO) and then a negative on CB Digital on the same day.. I re-tested the following day and with a CB weeks indicator & it was positive so keep faith & hold on a day or so if you can. I'm now 5+3... Best of luck 💫

snapple21 Wed 16-Sep-20 18:09:45

Ahh thanks. I'll test in a few days!

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stillhayley Wed 16-Sep-20 20:57:57

So, I had this yesterday- see pic! I thought it was an evap, tested again this morning and got two darker lines I believe! Good luck, I hope it's your BFP! X

Nikhedonia Wed 16-Sep-20 21:03:00

Yes, I had an evap exactly like that. DD is 5 and currently sleeping!

snapple21 Wed 16-Sep-20 21:06:25

Oh wow. Really don't want to get my hopes up. But it's nice to hear positive stories.

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stillhayley Thu 17-Sep-20 07:40:43

@snapple21 any update? X

snapple21 Thu 17-Sep-20 07:48:39

Hey - the top is yesterday afternoons test the bottom is this morning. Would I get two evaps like this no? I hope not. I'm 10 days po today.

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coffeeforone Thu 17-Sep-20 08:00:06

That's a positive op. Congratulations!

Bellaashley Thu 17-Sep-20 08:44:40

If it comes up within the time frame then they're definitely positives @snapple21 💫 Congrats! If you still want reassurance then I'd recommend ClearBlue weeks indicator of FRER if you can get your hands on one ☺️

snapple21 Thu 17-Sep-20 08:49:25

Yes I think I will try get those today. How sensitive are the clear blue weeks indicator?

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stillhayley Thu 17-Sep-20 08:54:39

@snapple21 the CB with weeks are 25 MIU x

Nikhedonia Thu 17-Sep-20 08:57:28

Definitely a positive, congrats OP!

Could you also try a clearblue digital? Might reassure you to see the words?

Nikhedonia Thu 17-Sep-20 08:58:08

Doh! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I've x-posted.

snapple21 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:00:08

I've done a first response - is this too faint for 10 pop or ok?

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willithappen Thu 17-Sep-20 14:09:49

Definitely positive. Congrats OP!

snapple21 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:34:21

Thanks so much. Will now pray for progression!

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stillhayley Thu 17-Sep-20 14:47:48

Frer definitely looks positive @snapple21 yay! Congrats xx

Bellaashley Thu 17-Sep-20 17:14:37

Definitely positive! Almost darker than mine at 10DPO. Congratulations 🤩

snapple21 Fri 18-Sep-20 08:24:19

Updating - my digital is positive today a couple of days before my missed period.

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Sweetk0987poiu Fri 18-Sep-20 11:49:35

Congratulations! 🥳🥳

Nikhedonia Fri 18-Sep-20 12:14:50

Great news, OP.

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