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Can someone look at this pls?

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strawberrysummer19 Tue 15-Sep-20 20:25:58

Can someone have a look at my pregnancy app and give me some tips

Been off pill for years but only last 2 months have I been tracking

The notes for 1st and 2nd were positive strong opks and faint positive on 31st august

Am I right in thinking my apps got my ovulation slightly late ? I think I ovulated a day or so earlier ?

Same happened this cycle - I'm usually cd28 but came on cd26 so again I think my apps out ( cd26 previous cycle too )

So I'm due on Friday if I'm 28 days but due tomorrow if cd26

I tracked bbt with my 1st but found it too stressful so only use this app and opks but just be nice to get some advice

Thanks x

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strawberrysummer19 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:09:19

Can anyone help me with tips on ovulation testing ? I use cheap opks but I'm thinking maybe I should invest in a better opk or test more ?

I only do a couple and dtd around the window

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AnxiousAnnie86 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:28:55

@strawberrysummer19 I use the clear blue connected ones, they are really really good!!!! X

Moominmiss Thu 17-Sep-20 15:52:58

Is this the period tracker app?
Do you just put a note in the comments or do you actually put the slider across to say you’ve had a positive opk?

I have this app and as long as I actually put the slider across to say that I’ve had a positive opk then the app will adjust my ovulation date accordingly to the day after my positive test.

Moominmiss Thu 17-Sep-20 15:54:58

So if I get a positive opk I will select positive here and my app will adjust my ovulation day to the following day.

strawberrysummer19 Thu 17-Sep-20 16:11:01

@Moominmiss ohhhh I didn't know this does this?! I've had this app years ! Although can't seem to find it?

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strawberrysummer19 Thu 17-Sep-20 16:14:09

Found it! Thank you! This will help so much more as it doesn't change even though my cycle days did which I didn't think was right

Does the flower turn orange ? As it used to be pink?


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Pinklilly Thu 17-Sep-20 22:46:12

@strawberrysummer19 yep it turns orange. It's like that's the code for your entry ovulation and pink is the entry for its own calculation. Once you get your next period (hopefully not!) Then it will adjust your cycle and hopefully provide more accurate prediction (pink flower) for the next.month.

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