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Help please

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SparklePrincesss Tue 15-Sep-20 19:08:46

All advice appreciated! Starting our ttc journey, which is the best way to track, any apps/tips etc?

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RLou3 Tue 15-Sep-20 20:01:59

Hi, I'm new to this too. This is my first month TTC#1. But I'm a bit of a psycho - so know a bit already 😩

Fertility friend app for BBT tracking - I've just started doing this and wish I started sooner.

Clear blue digital ovulation sticks - they show your 2 most fertile days.

Vitamins- look at Luisa Zissmans website under maybe baby. She advises vitamins for both men and women. They were recommended to her by a fertility expert and people RAVE about them xx

Good luck xxx

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