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Why does this keep happening?

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CalmDown7 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:52:32

Hey all

I’ve had 2 very early losses this year (chemical pregnancies) in March and in August.

Both times I got my bfp around a week before period was due and both times I started bleeding the exact day I would have came on to my period.

In March I started bleeding on 5th which is when period was due, in August I started bleeding on 11th when period was due. 33 day cycles every month.

I’m wondering why I’m losing the pregnancy on the exact date of period? Not a day earlier nor later.

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Livingmagicallyagain Tue 15-Sep-20 06:51:46

I'm so sorry you went through that twice. It's so hard! I had one or two of these very early losses (in my case due to borderline hypothyroidism).

Sometimes the egg can "touch down" but not successfully implant. A tiny amount of HCG can be released and remain in your urine for a few days even after the egg starts its way out, and your petiod simply starts as normal. So you likely lost the pregnancy very soon after attempted implantation and this wouldn't bring your period forward, if that makes sense.

The Sperm Meets Egg book explains it like this:

"New tests can catch a brief surge of hCG as low as 15. This can come from a tentative landing of the egg in the lining, even if something about the chemical exchange fails immediately and the egg hasn’t divided or grown properly at all. In these cases, your period will begin as scheduled, as this low amount of hormone will not disrupt the break down of the egg’s shell, which is what prevents the period if the implantation is successful."

In fact, FRER detects HCG levels of 6 - not even technically pregnant, especially if you have a baseline level of close to that.

I decided to only test after my period was due, once I sorted my hypothyroidism. Using Clearblue non digital, which I think needs level 25 of HCG. No mistaking the line or squinting when its positive! There's a reason clinics recommend these tests above others.

Be very kind to yourself. It is hard, it can take time. Good luck!

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