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Pale brown discharge. Please help!!!

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Sohe Sun 13-Sep-20 20:00:24

Hi everyone,

I got my BFP a few days ago. This evening Iv been to the toilet and there is a creamy brown discharge in my pants. Checked my cervix and there is what looks to be a sort of pinky/brown CM up there. I had a chemical a few months ago and now I’m so upset in case it happening again. I’m 13DPO and only got my BFP 3 days ago.

Can anyone share their experiences? I’m so upset right now. Thanks x

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Sohe Mon 14-Sep-20 03:33:57

Woke up at 2am and couldn’t sleep. Did a clear blue digital and it says not pregnant now. No further bleeding over night. Looks like I will have to just wait for a bleed and try again. Going to take a break from here for a while. Two losses so close together have broken me. Good luck everyone x

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