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Extremely early pregnancy - is anybody else just a nervous wreck whenever they go to the toilet!?

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FebruaryJuly Sun 13-Sep-20 08:06:01

Every time I go to the toilet I am sooo nervous that my period will show up (I know what will be will be though and I can't control it).

I had a positive yesterday but my period isn't due for another two days. I've had chemical pregnancies before and I just dread history repeating itself. Xx

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BrandoraPaithwaite Sun 13-Sep-20 08:13:32

Yes this is very very common!
I was exactly the same times without number.
I ended up not testing until period was overdue because it was less upsetting to not even know if I'd had a chemical.
I now have wonderful dc and now I'm back to being scared my period is not going to come! Like a teenager again.
Good luck to you

Littlebee1990 Sun 13-Sep-20 08:22:51

Yup, right there with you. Got my BFP on Monday and AF was due Friday. I also had a chemical in June. Every time I feel “wet” or go for a wee I’m convinced there’s going to be blood. I’ve even started wearing light knickers so I’ll see it before I wipe. I sound nuts! 😩🙈

FebruaryJuly Sun 13-Sep-20 08:28:55

I did consider waiting for that reason but we were unsure whether or not I could actually get pregnant (5 years after first child and we have really struggled) so even knowing we have conceived and implanted is a good start us us 😊

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FebruaryJuly Sun 13-Sep-20 08:29:40

*good start for us

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