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Positive OPK = pregnancy??

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LilySh Thu 10-Sep-20 16:39:30

Hello everyone, my first time posting, hope you're all keeping well.
I hope some of you can shed light/advise me on my current ovulation results.
My period is two days late, getting hot flushes and my ovulation tests are suddenly showing as positive again for the past 3 days.
Should i take a pregnancy test? Also, does a positive ovulation test indicate pregnancy at this point?
Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Lily x

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Kay00 Thu 10-Sep-20 17:49:01

Hi @LilySh a positive OPK at this point can indicate either a late ovulation (perhaps the first did not quite happen despite a positive OPK) or it could indicate that you're pregnant. Best take a PG test to be sure grin good luck!

wannabebump Thu 10-Sep-20 17:52:18

Ovulation tests can also detect the LH surge before AF appears. You either need to take pregnancy test or wait it out!

mouldygrapes Thu 10-Sep-20 18:06:57

I’ve had the same thing today and it could be either of the two explanations that PPs have said.
I’m 14dpo and plan to do a FRER on Saturday if no bleeding before then

Good luck to you!

SunnySideUp2020 Thu 10-Sep-20 18:08:44

As soon as my opk was positive at 14 dpo, so was the frer!
I would definitely do a test!!!
Good luck x

mouldygrapes Thu 10-Sep-20 18:20:02

That’s interesting @SunnySideUp2020. I’ve been googling loads and seen a mix of people saying it was a precursor to a positive PT, and others saying AF started soon after.
I’m being a wimp! Don’t want to see a BFN

SunnySideUp2020 Thu 10-Sep-20 18:41:09

@mouldygrapes i think some people talk about positive opk hut really mean dark opk before AF.
Opks do tend to become darker right before AF. But never actually turn positive again.
BUT a properly positive opk where the test is clearly darker than control is very likely to be pregnancy hormones being picked up!

mouldygrapes Thu 10-Sep-20 18:59:48

I never get very dark OPKs (despite other signs of ovulation) and this is the darkest I’ve had.
Uploaded to Femometer and it says 68% (peak being 80+) but the highest I’ve ever had before is about 58%. I know they’re not the most accurate
Pic attached

mouldygrapes Thu 10-Sep-20 19:01:14

I know I’m probably just winding myself up, and should test. I didn’t actually have any FRERs till today and only got them at lunchtime so saving for FMU. Thanks for talking

Sophielou8 Thu 10-Sep-20 19:35:00

Positive opks was what indicated my pregnancy.. I hade 5 days of super strong positives so thought I’d best test.. which reviled I was pregnant x

mouldygrapes Sat 12-Sep-20 07:31:36

For anyone else who may find this useful for comparison here is my strongly positive OPK from yesterday and FRER from today.

SunnySideUp2020 Sat 12-Sep-20 09:02:08

Congrats @mouldygrapes !!!!

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