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Recently diagnosed PCOS TTC First Time

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TrayYellow Tue 08-Sep-20 16:34:25

Hi all! Newbie here, sorry if this is asked frequently but I’m very confused! This is my 2nd month TTC after finding out iv got PCOS, on CD18 atm, wet discharge for 9 days with EW CD10, no big change in temp like last month but dip CD11 and only 0.3/0.6F change these last 6 days, have I ovulate? Or is my body still trying to? I have a chart recording but I don’t know how to upload sorry! Thanks for any advise in advanced! smile

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MrsKin90 Tue 08-Sep-20 19:56:47

So hard without seeing it! What are you using to chart - as in which app? There's a little paperclip under where you comment that lets you find pics in your phone so I usually take a screen shot of my chart and upload that.
I have PCOS and often ovulate CD18 onwards (CD26 last cycle 😒). I start getting EWCM from CD10 and get it on and off until I ovulate.
You're always best off acting like you've not ovulated and continue having sex until you're 100% undeniably sure that you have.

TrayYellow Tue 08-Sep-20 20:56:21

Thank you for your reply @MrsKin90! Iv download the app now but because I'm new it won't let me post it..I'll try again tomorrow but I know last week I had to temp 1 hr earlier for the week due to work so that hasn't helped me and probably won't help with this months chart hmm I'm taking MyOva which definitely helped me ovulate last month on cd11 but I just can't read it this month

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MrsKin90 Tue 08-Sep-20 21:04:24

Ah that's frustrating! Well I use fertility friend to log my temps as find it easier than other apps so if you're not using that I'd try it. And if you and it hasn't given you cross hairs I'd trust it!
A slightly earlier/later temp on one day shouldn't change the overall pattern of the chart after a few days ovulation should be clear (says she, who is apparently 12dpo according to temps but doesn't agree 🙄).
Did you have any negative side effects from MyOva?

TrayYellow Wed 09-Sep-20 10:44:09

Yes I started using fertility friend this cycle as I head it's much better..I'd been using Ovia to just track periods for that past year. Yeah there are no cross hairs on my chart, so does it think I haven't ovulated yet? 1st month on MyOva was absolutely fine! Ovulated and had a full period woohoo! Seeing as I didn't have one for 3 months prier..but this month I am feeling fine in myself but slight nausea about 3x this cycle. Are you taking anything to help your PCOS? Or do you have a more natural diet to help?

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MrsKin90 Fri 11-Sep-20 20:25:08

How are you getting on? Did you get your cross hairs? Sorry for not replying, I'm rubbish and forgot 😳
I'm 15dpo today with lots of AF cramps so expecting AF soon. I took a test the other day and BFN and have been getting my normal PMS symptoms so not going to bother to test again tbh. Just gonna wait for AF so we can try again!
I don't take anything for my PCOS as apart from this cycle and one other, I've ovulated at a reasonable time every cycle according to my BBT. I've started taking COQ10 to try to help with egg quality but that's it really!

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