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Positive early test (?!) spotting for last 5 days

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Ickli Sat 05-Sep-20 07:09:22

Hi there - 1st post as I'm rather new to this whole thing and would love your advice.

I've been TTC (first time) for 8 months and have very irregular cycles. This month I've been feeling different. I had some light spotting starting about 5DPO (unsure due to irregular cycle and only having an estimated ovulation date - had given up on BBT tracking for a while). I've been feeling a bit queezy, my boobs have felt a bit odd and I've had some cramps. The spotting (very light, brownish) has confined for most of the last 7 days.

I'm now approx 12DPO and approx 3 days before my period is due (But have hugely irregular cycles). I did a Superdrug early test this morning and it looks positive to me!

What might this ongoing spotting mean? Is it a bad sign or ok?
And what should my next steps be? Should I wait for a few more days and keep testing before I contact the Dr? Or should I give them a call after one early test?

Thanks in advance for your advice and wisdom

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