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Positive digital - very very faint Internet cheapie

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Moandy Thu 03-Sep-20 10:28:46

Hi everyone, tested yesterday at 10dpo. Internet cheapie looked like an evap (came up in time frame though) so thought I'd do a digital for the hell of it... pregnant! Did 4 digitals yesterday and all positve. Did another internet cheapie this morning, not with fmu and no darker at all? Should I be worried? Petrified of a chemical. With DS I only found out at 5 weeks. I'm only 3 weeks 4 days. Feel like it's too early and something will go wrong.

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Moandy Thu 03-Sep-20 10:29:48

Pics for reference

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RowboatsinDisguise Thu 03-Sep-20 10:32:14

Well they’re all positive!

Unfortunately knowing earlier does mean that you’re more likely to be disappointed. Sadly there isn’t really anything you can do.

sneakpeek1414 Thu 03-Sep-20 10:36:50

Following. I too have had super faint ICs at 10dpo and await delivery of a First Response today!

Soubriquet Thu 03-Sep-20 10:38:05

Is there a chance you could have ovulated earlier which is why you’re getting a strong result so early?

Moandy Thu 03-Sep-20 10:39:51

@RowboatsinDisguise I just thought it should be considerably darker the next day. I know I should probably stop testing, as you said, there is nothing I can do either way. Just feeling like driving myself mad a bit grin @sneakpeek1414 ooh fingers crossed for you, maybe I should get a first response too?

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Moandy Thu 03-Sep-20 10:41:34

@Soubriquet no as I only had sex once the day of ovulation, so couldn't have been earlier or I would've missed it.

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Lucygucy Thu 03-Sep-20 10:47:20

In my pregnancies my lines never got darker so I'm not sure that is necessarily something to be concerned about.

sneakpeek1414 Thu 03-Sep-20 10:47:26

@Moandy from my extensive research 🙃 I've found that ladies are getting a far more accurate response with the FRER. So yes maybe get that too and then if that says positive you have three different types!

I think the varying faintness on the cheapie sticks isn't enough to go by if I'm being honest. So wouldn't worry if it changes for you smile

jazzibelle Thu 03-Sep-20 18:27:00

@moandy congratulations! Try not to fret about the darkness of the line, if you test tomorrow you should see a bit of a difference as it takes 48-hours for your HCG to rise, so testing yesterday and today, you might just need to wait a day. Wishing you a healthy 9-months :-)

Spinksy9 Thu 03-Sep-20 18:36:13

Here are my internet cheapies taken every 48 hours, after my digital. They took a while to darker xx

Allgirlmum Thu 03-Sep-20 22:06:38

My one step cassette pregnancy tests was like this and had me doubting it was a evap so I thought nothing more and then went and did a clear blue digital which came 2-3

Moandy Sat 05-Sep-20 11:48:01

Seriously worrying now as it's been 3 days since my bfp. The cheapies aren't getting darker and my first response ones are pretty light. Anyone had this and not had a chemical? I'm now 13dpo

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dogmam Sat 05-Sep-20 12:03:47

@moandy I do think they're getting slightly darker, also it's still fairy early days. Had today been the first time you tested you would have probably been pleased with how those tests are looking and expect the strength of the line to be normal for how early you are. Because you have tested so early, it's always going to look fairly faint and testing so early on unfortunately means that you will now have a few days of worry. If it were me, I would be excited, good luck and stay positive x

babybumpfor2020 Sun 06-Sep-20 08:23:35

Any updates @Moandy

PlanBea Sun 06-Sep-20 11:47:50

You've still not yet missed your period so to get anything on an IC is a good sign. Are there multiple tests from each day? I know it's so hard to wait but I'd just do one using FMU, HCG only doubles every 48 hours but in this early stage it's doubling from really small numbers to also really small numbers

mani99 Sun 06-Sep-20 12:18:18

I think they're getting a little darker. Test again in a week. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

ArjaD Sun 06-Sep-20 12:22:09

Hi all! Congrats on the positives I saw on this thread! I'm 8dpo today and caved and took a test, fully expecting it to be too early... And I got this... 😳 What do you think?

Moandy Sun 06-Sep-20 15:47:51

@babybumpfor2020 nothing to report as of yet. Will do another first repsonse tomorrow and see if it's any darker 48 hours later. @PlanBea I know, some of them were yes. I just can't help feeling should be darker now! Especially the first response.

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Workingmama1 Sun 06-Sep-20 16:30:38

I had very poor progression with these, it made me quite worried! This was at about 18 dpo

Moandy Sun 06-Sep-20 17:06:59

@Workingmama1 did they eventually get dark?

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Workingmama1 Sun 06-Sep-20 17:15:25

@moandy I stopped testing so I didn't freak out even more! But had a good scan this week at 8+5 so so far so good....

Workingmama1 Sun 06-Sep-20 17:16:15

I did do a test this week as I had to provide a urine sample for my booking in appointment and it was dark, so they get there eventually but are slow!

Wearenotyourkind Sun 06-Sep-20 17:19:10

@Workingmama1 the test line is the very dark one in your FRER is so dark it has stolen the dye from the control line. It's not faint!

Spinksy9 Sun 06-Sep-20 19:13:04

@Workingmama1 whats your due date??

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