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Preconception planners - still planning

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Bells3032 Wed 02-Sep-20 15:16:33

Hi all. thought i'd make a new thread as the old one getting close to a thousand. Don't forget to rejoin!!

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sunflowersaremyfav93 Wed 02-Sep-20 16:26:16

I can't believe we got to 1000 on the other one.. I'm here for more planning 😂

Mybobowler Wed 02-Sep-20 16:30:01

Am I too late to join?!

Bells3032 Wed 02-Sep-20 16:32:36

@Mybobowler no not at all. Please join us in all the craziness! wold you like to tell us a little about yourself. When are you planning to TTC, are you a first time or an expert etc

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Mybobowler Wed 02-Sep-20 16:40:33

Yay, thanks! I'm chomping at the bit to TTC #2 (have a 20 month old DD), but covid and delays with getting DP moved to a permanent contract at work have pushed us back a few months. He's hoping for some clarity on the job by the end of this month, and we should be TTC this side of Christmas.
Rather than sitting around getting broodier, I'm trying to focus on getting fit and healthy (I've started running again). Wondering if I should start with preconception supplements or just a multivitamin. Have short cycles, so I'm not sure if that'll be a problem!

TheNewMrsW Wed 02-Sep-20 17:09:06

I’m here too, still planning away 😄

I was all set to give Twinings decaf Earl Grey a go but then I made the mistake of watching War on Plastic last night they tested various teabags for plastic and Twinings was among the worst! I didn’t even realise teabags had plastic in, so now I’m researching plastic free or loose leaf decaf earl grey online, looks like there are a few different options. I could just go with Clipper English breakfast decaf but I do like my EG! Horrid thinking of microplastic particles finding their way into my tea 😔

Now if only there was an alcohol free wine that really did the job, there are a few not bad ones but it’s not the same 😂

TheNewMrsW Wed 02-Sep-20 17:10:43

@Mybobowler welcome! A few of us are already taking at least folic acid and Vit D as it seems taking it three months in advance of ttc lowers the risk even further 😊

Mybobowler Wed 02-Sep-20 18:07:15

Thanks @TheNewMrsW I'll get going with that too! I think I need some iron as well - I've been feeling so run-down.

Clipper decaf is great btw, but would love to hear if you discover any good plastic-free options.

Pebbleinthesand Wed 02-Sep-20 18:11:13

Wow I can't believe we reached 1000 and need a new thread! I absolutely love this chat and feel like it's really focused me in the right way for preparing for another baby.

@CookieMonster3001 that's so strange that it says different to everything else. I wonder if there's any logic in any of it.
Can't help with logging periods I'm afraid because I always come on in the morning. I'm like clockwork 😂

Welcome @Mybobowler. I'm a runner as well so hoping that will help me to keep fit before and during pregnancy this time. I was far very overweight when I had DD and I'm hoping to keep a better handle on my weight this time round since I've got to a healthy weight.

@bells3032 glad to hear you got your coil out okay. I was so happy to finally get mine out.

TheNewMrsW Wed 02-Sep-20 18:17:17

@Mybobowler Clipper is plastic free 😃 about the only one (that you get in the supermarkets anyway) that is at the moment, I discovered that on War on Plastic too. Def want to try their EG decaf but might have to get it online. Their normal EG is lovely 😊

Amy929292 Wed 02-Sep-20 18:26:09

I love this thread too - so nice to hear from others also preparing for TTC!

I'm taking Veganicity prenatal vitamins (I'm vegan so I want to make sure my vits reflect my diet as well as getting prepared for pregnancy). I'm also cutting down on alcohol and caffeine, and trying to improve my diet.

I've just read The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant, and bought PreSeed, and I've presented my DP with Wellman conception vitamins (which bless him he took his first one straight away with his lunch)

We're TTC from our wedding night onwards so 31 days to go til we start trying... In the meantime I'm symptom spotting and googling chances of getting pregnant when using condoms which is what we're using now (I would be up for starting now but DP wants to wait until the wedding... Or he did mention the end of September so I might revisit that comment nearer the time!!)

TTCWC2 Wed 02-Sep-20 19:11:34

Hey guys, is it too late to jump on? TTC number 1. Slightly undecided as to when to start for numerous reasons but anytime from October to December. Currently reading all of the books, taking the vitamins and trying to exercise regularly. The one thing I haven't been able to give up yet is my beloved caffeine! Looking forward to hearing all of your tips and Sharing this journey with you smile

TheNewMrsW Wed 02-Sep-20 19:30:22

Speaking of supplements for the menfolk does everyone have their OHs on Wellman? I’ve not looked into that one properly yet though I know zinc and vit D are the biggies

Amy929292 Wed 02-Sep-20 20:17:04

@TheNewMrsW I've just got Wellman Conception for my OH - must say I've not looked too closely into that but it was available in Boots so I've got it for him and hoping it will be good smile I've had a chat with him about his alcohol/caffeine/sleep/overall health being important for our fertility too as well as mine so hoping he takes that on board. He's quite healthy generally so shouldn't be too much of a problem but I want us both to be doing what we can. Although I know that there are many babies born perfectly healthily whose parents didn't prepare in any way and all those pregnancies where the mother doesn't even know until months in! I'd still like to feel that we're doing what we can smile

RLou3 Wed 02-Sep-20 20:36:56

Hi all, is it ok for me to join this chain please? This will be our first month TTC baby #1. So nervous/ excited. Have also been taking prenatal vitamins for the past couple of months. Have also just read the inpatient woman's guide to getting pregnant. I got it last night and have already finished it!! So worth a read!! Really informative!

I'm due to ovulate this weekend 😩 the fun of baby making has definitely disappeared! Is anyone else feeling this way? Or are you lot actually enjoying the process! I just know I'll be waving an ovulation stick in my hubs face!!!


sunflowersaremyfav93 Wed 02-Sep-20 22:37:38

@TheNewMrsW that's so interesting about the tea, is it stupid that I didn't even think there would be plastic in the teabags?! I've been drinking either pPG or Tetley decaf.. I have to be honest I much prefer decaf.. we got some decaf coffee pods for our coffee machine too.. but the pods are plastic so not ideal?! I think it's near enough impossible to avoid plastic though isn't it? Should we start changing shampoo etc? My bf did want to look into a more friendly deodorant tho.. is it just mine that sprays everywhere?! 😂

mackjm20 Wed 02-Sep-20 22:46:33

Hunnies I’m home smile

@Bells3032 thanks for making the new thread! Can’t believe we had got to 40 pages smile hoping everyone moves across smile

@sunflowersaremyfav93 amen! I am certainly here for more planning too smile

@Mybobowler welcome smile absolutely not too late to join! Exciting that you are looking to ttc this side of Xmas so many others on here with similar timescales to you smile well done on the running! I’ve already started on the folic acid keep meaning to start vitamin D too.

@TheNewMrsW oh gosh I did not even realise teabags had plastic in! At christmas I was designated driver last year and freixenet do an amazing non alcoholic prosecco! It honestly tasted so similar! Just without giving you the giggles lol!

@Pebbleinthesand it’s such a nice chat and group of people isn’t it! I love it!

@Amy929292 ah you finished the bible smile so good that dp took straight away with his lunch smile Might suggest this to my dh! eek 31 days to go for wedding and ttc bet you are so excited!

@TTCWC2 welcome smile never too late to join smile Omgosh I am with you on the caffeine finding it so hard to kick!

@RLou3 welcome smile we all love the impatient women’s guide on here and it is often referred to as the bible smile so exciting that this is your first month ttc smile I haven’t actually started ttc yet but I’m sure I’ll feel like that when we do smile

*so nice to have so many new members this eve*


TheNewMrsW Wed 02-Sep-20 22:55:25

@sunflowersaremyfav93 yeah I’m not going to get too excited about plastics are you’re right they are pretty impossible to avoid completely, we’ve already cut down on a number of plastic things, only so much you can do! But I hadn’t realised most teabags have plastic in and I really didn’t like the idea of brewing my tea with plastic in... 🤢 we drink a lot of loose leaf anyway and don’t rely on a particular brand so it’s no biggie to switch. I’ve ordered DH some ground decaf for the cafetière but we do have a coffee machine too (I don’t drink coffee though) apparently Aldi do decent decaf pods

@mackjm20 yeah the freixnet one isn’t bad, there are a few that taste decent, I suppose it’s the buzz I miss and that’s the bit that needs given up 😂 At the moment I am trying to have just less than usual but when do start ttc I will cut it right out, except maybe when AF arrives, a small glass won’t hurt lol

Great to see so many new faces 😊

mackjm20 Wed 02-Sep-20 23:00:39

@TheNewMrsW yes who am I kidding it’s not the same hahah but better than nothing smile I’ve got to be honest I’m not going to give up alcohol until we are actively ttc as I love a glass of wine. I’m trying to not like go crazy on the booze but some days wine is just needed so until there is a baby in my belly long may that continue smile

rosiefl Wed 02-Sep-20 23:25:31


Hoping I can join in smile

First post on MN. Will be TTC from mid-Oct. Generally healthy and started taking folic acid this weekend. Been with partner 12 years in Dec and both 28.

Looking forward to seeing tips and stories.

mackjm20 Thu 03-Sep-20 06:51:58

@rosiefl welcome smile you are defo in the right place smile not long until Oct now so exciting smile

TTCWC2 Thu 03-Sep-20 07:51:03

I hope nobody minds me asking and I know this is a big question, but how did you all go about deciding the best time to start TTC? We're going round in circles as it's the whole you don't know how long it's going to take vs. It only takes one time! Will be interesting to hear other people's stories! smile

mackjm20 Thu 03-Sep-20 08:21:52

@TTCWC2 Omgosh I hear you on this! We have gone back and forward so much!

So for us we had always said November originally as the end of 2020 felt right for us... mid 2020 I had a bit of a wobble around covid and should we delay but then got extremely impatient and started trying to persuade dh to ttc in September (it has been a bit of a rollercoaster)

The Nearer sept came though he was excited and I’ve been super stressed with work so nov felt better again.

Compromise we are npnt until nov (barely have time to DTD to be honest as works so busy haha) then from nov if work has settled will do opks etc smile

For me I feel that it’s unlikely to happen straight away smile so no harm in ntnp smile I would be sooo happy if it did happen but if it doesn’t nov feels right to start properly tracking and ttc smile

I was so hung up on being pregnant by Christmas and when the baby would be born initially but the more I’ve chatted in this lovely group and read the recommendations I realise you can’t really predict timings smile

2 of my friends recently had babies one was trying for over a year and the other conceived month 1 which to me shows that Aslong as if a baby comes you are happy then any time is a good time smile

So many of us have said about almost 9 months forward planning with events etc but there always seems to be events which makes it so hard lol

Good thing is this group is an amazing sounding board for any thoughts you have re timings etc smile x

wrensandrobins Thu 03-Sep-20 08:25:36

For us, it was because we are in our 30s we want to have 2 and we wanted to give ourselves time if it didn't happen quickly or we needed help. We waited 6 months to save money and me to lose some weight!

TTCWC2 Thu 03-Sep-20 08:33:56

@mackjm20 This is such a good way of thinking about it! It's so easy to get caught up on dates. We originally were due to start TTC as the start of the year and COVID happened and we decided to take a step back and reassess. We decided our earliest point of trying would be Oct but if we were lucky enough for it to happen straight away, it will be slightly difficult with OH working away July-August. That's the only thing stopping us at the moment. I think we may sit down at the start of Oct and see how we feel. Feels as if there is no right or wrong answer! Gosh this plays with your mind doesn't it, so glad to have this platform to speak to like minded people 😊

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