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Anyone get a negative test in the morning but then a positive in the evening?

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NoCallerID Tue 01-Sep-20 09:45:20

@Quietlyloud I tend to have stronger lines later in the day, FMU doesn't work for me and I've heard this from other women too.
As a cheap alternative to FRERs I recommend the Easy@Home pregnancy tests (amazon). I found them almost the same sensitivity as FRERs whereas one step won't show me even hint a line until I have a clear blue digital showing 1-2 weeks.

Quietlyloud Mon 31-Aug-20 18:25:55

Yeah I was thinking that. More curiosity than anything. Well that and wishful thinking lol. I use pink dye ones, don’t think I’ve used a blue dye one before. I have one FRER in the house but using them cheap one step tests until something shows and then I’ll use my decent one lol

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omg35 Mon 31-Aug-20 18:22:42

Well technically it could as youre 2/3 of a day more pregnant by 11pm so HCG will have risen, but you're def better off using a pink dye test and FMU the next day

Quietlyloud Mon 31-Aug-20 18:20:25

I’m 10dpo and I’ve seen many get a positive at this time. I’m fine with getting one a bit later on but naturally I’m testing each morning in the hope I am, anyway, would it be possible to get a negative with FMU and then say around 11pm get a positive? I don’t personally think this would happen for me but just curious if it’s happened for anyone else.

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