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TTC - Does data collecting cause extra stress?

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SarahMumof1DS Sun 30-Aug-20 21:00:16

Welcome Ladies!

So, AF arrived bang on time this morning and it got me thinking...

Over the past 4 months of TTC, I’ve had some conversations with my husband and family members and they all had a similar opinions that data collecting could be causing stress/anxiety that could in turn be affecting my chances of conception.

I disagreed with them for months saying that no, I feel better to know what's going on in my body! It’s not the data that affects me, it’s the thought of the next failed attempt!
I found it very frustrating to hear what I thought were quite negative opinions about collecting data to support TTC, especially when they didn’t even want to know what the function of this data was for or how it benefits you.

It’s very patronising when you get told to “just relax and let it happen naturally” when most people don’t even realise that it's actually not that easy to get pregnant, and ultimately, it’s not easy to avoid the disappointment when it doesn’t happen.

Collecting data like BBT charting, CM, OPKs and symptoms has helped me to confirm that I am in fact ovulating, when I was worried about my fertility. It has predicted AF many times and it has helped me to know when to have sex at the right times. I've always felt like having more knowledge is better than having no knowledge and feeling clueless...

BUT, lately I have started to open my mind up to the comments people have made and ask myself does my family have a point? I’m not saying I fully agree with them, but it has raised a lot of questions for me like:

⁃Can data collecting cause enough stress to make an impact on my chances?

⁃Is it affecting my mood, health and well-being?

⁃Would blissful ignorance be better for my body and mind?

⁃If I stop collecting data, will I regret it and could it compromise my chances?

⁃Is it the BFNs and watching my BBT drop that affects me or is it simply because AF has arrived... again!?

⁃Am I overanalysing the data?

⁃Is it that with or without collecting data TTC is just plain stressful!?

Is it really possible to achieve a good balance of data collection and good mental health?

So, I wanted to start a thread for us all to talk about these questions and just get some perspectives on what we're all experiencing and feeling. Maybe just talking about it might simply help us feel clearer headed on what's really going on.

So Ladies, please share your story, your thoughts and feelings!...

(*Please keep in mind that this thread is not meant to be a debate, it's just a safe place for people to talk about their experiences and help each other to get some clarity through the TTC fog).

Thanks and best BFP wishes to you all!

(Mum of One Dear Son).

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SarahMumof1DS Sun 30-Aug-20 21:32:49

So my story...

I have one DS who was a happy accident 3 months before me and DH were planning to start trying.
Our DS is nearly two and due to my age (36) and potential early menopause in the family we decided to start trying for baby #2 back in May. We've been trying for 4 months now and just starting our 5 cycle.

I've been charting doing OPKS for 3 months now and I have learnt a lot about TTC. I'm sure I have lots more to learn! So for 3/4 months we've managed to get good positive OPKS and time sex well. I can see from my charts that I am ovulating and my temp is staying up until dropping for AF.

Ever since we started trying my cycles have been very different in terms of how many extra symptoms I've been getting in the TWW and unusual spotting 4 days before AF due which is not like me. I've been convinced I was pregnant every single month and have questioned chemical pregnancy or failed implantation each time. I've never had a positive HPT so I'll never know what really happened.

I'm starting to feel like even after doing all the right things and it's still not happening that maybe something is wrong. I will be having an appointment with my doctor in a couple of months time if we're unsuccessful which puts my mind at ease.

One of the reasons for starting this thread was that I was starting to wonder if I was getting stressed from TTC and was it affecting my chances? I want to continue collecting data because I feel there's a real benefit to it and I feel more in control which in my opinion lowers my stress levels. That said, I think we all have moments of madness when we are experiencing unusual symptoms in the TWW or can't wait to test or have a feeling of pregnancy and get excited until miserable AF arrives!
So I want to know what others think, and see if anyone has any tips for keeping the stress levels down or ways to keep a level head during the TWW, and just see what other people have to say about their experiences!

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