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Wondfo reliable?!

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mrsgtobe97 Sun 30-Aug-20 15:56:00

Having a bit of a pickle, not sure if I've gotten a very faint BFP or if it's a dud, has anyone had experience with wondfo?

Hard to tell for me because we haven't actively been trying and my cycles are so long and irregular we would have no idea when I ovulated! Still regulating after coming off the pill a few months ago, and today returned from a camping trip and just felt so awful today, felt like I had a cold coming on, felt sooooo bloated and massive, minging taste in my mouth and a bad breakout of acne.

what I think is a line on my test showed up quickly but is very faint, have turned up the brightness but can anyone see it?! Tested on a couple hour hold in afternoon so hoping tomorrow morning I get a clear answer

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MrsB2019x Sun 30-Aug-20 16:28:30

Not overly sold on them to be honest. I had this last month.. wasn’t pregnant. 😒

I can’t really see a second line on yours if I’m honest.. maybe wait a couple of days and try again with a FRER year?

Good luck! flowers

Sexnotgender Sun 30-Aug-20 21:00:16

I wasn’t super impressed. Took me ages to get a positive and I was getting strong positives on other tests.

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