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Late period, nausea etc but not pregs?

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Wingingit2020 Sat 29-Aug-20 10:28:10

I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light; i'm 3 days late for my period (my periods are like clockwork usually) i've not had spotting or anything, I feel nauseated, for the last week I haven't stopped weeing, my heart rate has elevated from average 66bmp to 72 bmp (I have a fitbit to monitor this) but I've taken two tests and nothing......... hmm

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YYY85 Sat 29-Aug-20 10:40:59

I could have written this as I'm exactly the same and it's driving me crazy!

ER20 Wed 16-Sep-20 07:39:20

@Wingingit2020 @YYY85 Did you get a BFP or AF in the end?

Currently in this situation.

hopefully2021 Wed 16-Sep-20 07:41:38

snap! I'm currently 12 days late, about 5 negative tests so far so I dont think I am pregnant - usually like clockwork, the only thing I done differently was take evening primrose oil for the first 2 weeks of my cycle so I'm putting it down to this, getting so frustrated now as I just want my period to come angry

YYY85 Wed 16-Sep-20 08:45:45

No AF came on day 40 of cycle which was so late think my body was playing tricks.

Sarahjh86 Wed 16-Sep-20 10:04:51

If it’s any help I’m 11 days late for my period (I don’t officially check when I ovulate etc)

Did a test yesterday and there was a faint line, done two today with very clear lines!

So I’m guessing It’s my BFP

I was the same with my other 3 child friends during pregnancy don’t rule anything out xx

MrsKrob Wed 16-Sep-20 10:37:33

Hey I am feeling this ! I am 16 days late no sign atall ! And I’ve had morning sickness for 4 weeks and 3 days now , like I’ve had every symptom going to match my 1st pregnancy I’m never late so this is very weird and I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it if I didn’t feel so sick every morning, constantly needing the toilet, tastes changed, being dizzy , bloated etc .. but I’ve done so many different HPT and they all come up negative even did a FRER 1 a minute ago and still nothing .. please help I’m going insane ?????? x

wannabemumma88 Wed 16-Sep-20 21:11:25

@ER20 so I tested a week later and got a BFP but sadly ended in a chemical not so long afterwards.... but we keep going don't we x

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