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Is this positive?

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summerdays1234 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:31:50

Hello- I am due AF today and just took a Tesco's pregnancy test and think I have a faint line but maybe I'm being too hopeful! Would be grateful for your opinions! I also took a clear blue that I couldn't see any line on so thinking that I am being too optimistic. Thanks smile

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ttc97 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:38:10

Hi OP! 👋🏼
I have personally had heartbreak with the Tesco pregnancy tests 😔 I took 4 all of which had a faint positive, but on FRER and clear blue I've had nothing but negatives.. after asking on here and also looking at the Tesco fest reviews, they are really prone to nasty evap lines sadly.. and really shouldn't be being sold 😣😭

I reaaaally hope that this isn't the case for you lovely, and that this is your BFP!!! Just didn't want to read your post and then run. 💕

summerdays1234 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:46:52

Thanks so much for your reply- I did wonder whether that may be the case. The line did come up straight away but weird it didn't on the other test. Thanks for your help smile

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ttc97 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:49:32

@summerdays1234 you're very welcome, it's so hard to know what to believe with these Tesco tests! Some people I've spoken to have said that they got accurate, clear positives on these and others like me are stuck with awful
Evap lines make you believe this could be it! So frustrating 😣😣

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