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BFP or evap lines? I'm so confused!!

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TheDayAfterTomorrow Sun 30-Aug-20 11:17:43

@meganm94 yay congratulations xxx

meganm94 Fri 28-Aug-20 13:32:50

Update: I couldn't wait, I'm so bad! 😂 don't tell DH but I've been out and got an answer test from savers and there's definitely a line! I honestly feel like I'm losing my mind, it can't be healthy to pee on this many sticks 🙈

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meganm94 Fri 28-Aug-20 12:05:53

thanks guys, it's nice to know I'm not just imagining things! 🙈 probably be next week now before I can get more tests, DH really doesn't want me to waste money on more, I think he's convinced they're false positives as this was our first time TTC and it took us 5 months to conceive DD, so it will be very very lucky if we've caught first time this time around! also I must admit that if I am, it is worrying me slightly that I got such a strong BFP so soon with DD and this one is so uncertain, could it be a bad sign? 😔 x

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TheDayAfterTomorrow Fri 28-Aug-20 11:48:08

I can see lines, I'd test again soon but certainly looks like a BFP to me. Good luck xx

CharismaticVic Fri 28-Aug-20 11:31:21

I can see lines. With my first DC I did a cheapy in the morning and got 2 lines and then a £6 CB in the evening and got the slightest cross but it was still there.

Slumcat Fri 28-Aug-20 11:20:35

The digital tests have a lower HCG sensitivity so not unusual to get positives on early detection tests and negative on digital.
I can see faint lines on both, I’d go for a first response test, I rate pink dye over blue, good luck

meganm94 Fri 28-Aug-20 11:01:15

Hi! I'm 11 DPO today and have been testing since 8 DPO (I know it's bad, I'm a poas addict when TTC 😩). Yesterday (10 DPO) I got a really faint line on an internet cheapie in the morning, went out and got a CB early detection and got a negative on that in the evening. I took another CB early detection this morning with FMU and got a faint line, so took the CB digital and got a not pregnant and a negative with another internet cheapie! I'm so confused, as far as I was aware you couldn't get a false positive but I'm really doubting myself now!
I know it's still early days but it's annoying me more because I had 3 BFPs (IC, Tesco test and CB digital) by 9 DPO with my daughter who is 12 months now. I just wondered if anyone else has had an experience like this and what your opinion is on it as my husband is sick of hearing about it! 😂
(attached pics but they're so faint I don't know if you can even see them on here, but they're 100% there irl as my husband confirmed he could see them too and I'm not mad! 🙈)

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