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Two ovulations in one month? Cyst? Weird occurrences this cycle...

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Teddie1 Fri 28-Aug-20 09:50:55

Hey, just posting to see if anyone could shed some light on my strange cycle this month, maybe something similar has happened to them?

Background: ttc #2 I stopped BF last month and have had one period. Quite normal for me, my cycles are normally on the long side 34-40ish days (I’ve been told I have cysts on my ovaries) however I always get really pronounced O symptoms: lots of EWCM, quite emotional, some one sided cramps, headaches, frisky etc. This month around day 20 I had those symptoms, albeit not much EWCM. However I had intense left sided ovary pain, followed by a large amount of pink/blood EWCM. I assumed this was O. I’m now 8 dpo and have lots of CM again, creamy but also very stretchy just like EWCM. A little blood streaked to begin with as well.

I’m hoping it’s a BFP sign but it really does seem EWCM and could I be ovulating again? I am getting left sided abdo pain again. Could my first O actually been a cyst?

Any help or insight very much appreciated!
Oh and I don’t temp - too fiddly and I always forgot!


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NoCallerID Fri 28-Aug-20 10:05:38

Since you're 8dpo, could it be implantation cramps? I've had these in all my pregnancies. CM for me is quite unreliable for symptom spotting after ovulation. It's usually further on in a pregnancy that I get lots of creamy CM. I think the only way to know is to wait..... give it a couple of days and test or even better, wait until AF would be due according to what you originally thought was ovulation.

Teddie1 Fri 28-Aug-20 13:22:32

Thanks NoCaller
I mean I am hoping that its implantation, but I never got anything like that with my first. No bleeding or CM or any changes really at all until I took the test.
I do think I may just be ovulating now and a week ago was some sort of cyst, but again no experience of that before. I guess time will tell, I’ll take a test next week!

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