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TTC September 2020 Bus

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samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:03:52

Good morning everyone!
Ive been on a few threads now since i started ttc baby no.3 in june.
Unfortunately in August i did get my BFP, but it ended in a chemical pregnancy, so back on another ttc thread with all you lovely ladies.

Share you stories and join!
My next AF due 20th September.

Sending you all baby dust🥰

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Mosherchick Wed 26-Aug-20 10:16:13

Hi @Samantha06. Sorry to hear about your chemical. I've been there and It's gut wrenching. This will be TTC cycle number five for me. I've started taking these vitamins called Conception Plus by Vitabiotics, as the reviews are mostly mentioning miracle babies after one to two months of taking them. Worth a try, right? Sex is hard for me, as I have vaginismus that I have to work hard to keep under control. I do enjoy sex when I'm there, though.

samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:57:41

Thats ok! I was gutted monday, after a good cry and a g&t that evening i feel so much better now!
Yeah i brought seven seas trying for a baby vitamins, been taking them since may probs, all the reviews was people not getting through the pack before falling preg! I dont think theyve made much difference but i dont want to stop taking them now either haha.
Let me know how you get on with the other ones! Maybe i should try a diff brand too. Is this your first baby. Lets hope for BFP this month🥰

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BellaBella84 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:58:19

Gutted for you @samantha06. I'm 35 and will be on my 5th cycle in September. Only been doing OPKs and SMEP for the past 2 cycles though. AF due in a week, but not holding out much hope. Also loving my Ovia app where I can put little hearts on my chart for when we've DTD!

Orlandoflorida1 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:02:10

Hi ladies, I’m TTC #2. My AF has just finished and this will be our first cycle trying. I’ve not tracked ovulation or anything before as we were lucky enough to get pregnant straight away last time. I’ve got some OPK I’m going to start testing in a few days ready.

samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:04:01


Oh that sounds good! Ive just been using a period tracker app, green days are fertile days and thats it really lol.
Yeah it was horrible and i totally sympathise with anyone whos been through similar.

Im 25 years old, so we when first started trying i just presumed it would just happen, its our 3rd baby but we haven't had to 'try' for the other two they just happened🤪🤭 so i think i was very naive to how difficult the trying for a baby process is!

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BellaBella84 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:15:25

Yeah trying to concieve baby #1 with geriatric ovaries! 🤣

bez91 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:16:24

@samantha06 really sorry to hear that 😔 hopefully September is your month!

Like you this is the first time I feel we've had to 'try' already have DD but she must have been a fluke 🙈. This is cycle 2 for us - I think I ovulated Monday/yesterday so will be testing in September 😊

somanystars Wed 26-Aug-20 11:24:12

Hi, hoping I can join! @samantha06, so sorry to hear about your chemical.

This is cycle 2 TTC #1 for me, next AF due 16th Sept (or hopefully not!!). I'm 25 and OH is 28. CD6 currently and really looking forward to the start of FW in a few days time! I've also been taking the Seven Seas Trying For A Baby vits along with extra vit D, omega-3 and CoQ10.

Also temping for the first time this month! Although I stupidly woke up about an hour early this morning, decided to wait until my usual time to temp as you're meant to do it the same time each day.... and then got up to go to the bathroom 🤦🏻‍♀️ Felt so daft! At least I'm still early in the cycle lol.

galatea098 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:40:00

Hi all, new to mumsnet! Been a long time lurker so about time I joined in! It will be my 6th cycle in September TTC first baby. I'm 32, DH is 40. AF arrived this morning so feeling a bit crap, but does mean beer tonight! (gotta find silver linings, right?). I use OPKs and temp so feel I have a good idea now how my body is working. I'll be ovulating around 13th September.

Mosherchick Wed 26-Aug-20 11:48:37

@Samantha06 Yes, we're trying for our first. I'm not doing anything fancy, but using Flo app to track fertile days and tracking CM for egg white. Hoping that we all get the BFP's we need in September! Like so many others, I just took it for granted that I was fertile and that it would be easy. Fifth time's the charm, right?

samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:53:10

@bez91 its funny isnt it! Our first daughter was a complete surprise baby, 2nd baby i had been off the pill for about a month due to having horrible side effects after they had changed it!
This time i stopped taking the pill in march, due to acne, then we deiced to start trying again! We are due to get married in Nov too! Still sitting tight (thanks covid!!)

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samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:56:36

@somanystars hello! We are only 4 days apart from our next (hopefully bfp) not AFs!
We are the same age too, i havnt done anything fancy as i really cant afford to commit to the ovulation tests ect, they are so dear!
I just use an app to track AF & fertile days😊 we try to BD most days tho😉🤭

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samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:58:44

@Orlandoflorida1 yes we was lucky with our first 2 aswell, never tried or tracked anything. I didnt even have regular periods! Maybe 3 / 4 times a year AF would visit.
Since stopping the pill this time they've been regular 28 day cycles, which is good i suppose😊

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samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 11:59:22

@BellaBella84 i hate the term geriatric!! Lol

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samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 12:00:12

Welcome! I too have only made an acc now ttc baby .3 !🤭

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somanystars Wed 26-Aug-20 12:03:07

@samantha06 Yay for cycle buddies! 😊

Yeah I know what you mean about OPKs being expensive - last cycle I found some of the Clearblue Advanced Digitals reduced to £2 in Superdrug because they were going out of date, but definitely won't be splashing out the full price for them this time! I've got a couple left I'll probably use around my predicted ov time (CD17 or so) but I'm happy to just rely on temping for now and BD often enough to make sure we're covered! 😅 In fact FW is still a few days away as I said but I've just told OH that we'll be starting to DTD every couple of days now for the next while and to make sure he's prepared haha!

samantha06 Wed 26-Aug-20 12:15:14

@somanystars what a bargain! Yeah i did look and at over £30 a try its deffo not affordable. I buy enough tests every month🤪
Haha yeah a pre-warning. My hubby did ask if i wanted to carry on trying and i said of course! Its unfortunate what happened but upon googling lots of people fell the next cycle so I'm hopfull it won't hinder our chances!🤞

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beckyBP Wed 26-Aug-20 21:22:54

👋🏽 thanks for the new thread @samantha06

Day 3 of cycle 3 of TTC so once AF finishes I AM READY TO BE IMPREGNATED 😂

acaciabluebell Wed 26-Aug-20 21:35:53

Hiya! I'm on CD13 of cycle #4. Stopped using contraception May this year. We're TTC baby #1. I'm 24 and DH is 28, been married for about a year. Trying to use OPKs and Preseed this month but it's super confusing honestly

Orlandoflorida1 Wed 26-Aug-20 21:44:09

I haven’t temp tracked before...any tips or simply stick it under tongue before I get out of bed?

LT103 Wed 26-Aug-20 21:52:12

Hi there. I’m in cycle 4 ttc. Just into 2ww and af due 3-5 September.
I’ve been tracking with opk and bbt (@Orlandoflorida1 pretty much That's it...I don’t set an alarm or anything but I always wake about 6 so I just take it then. Makes it really easy to make sure you ovulated). Usually have a pretty normal cycle. Ovulate d14 or so and 26-28 day cycle. This time round I didn’t ovulate til cd22 so a bit confused when to expect af. Will just need to wait and see.
Hopefully lots of bfps on here

Supermathsdoc Wed 26-Aug-20 21:57:03

Hi all,

I’ve also been lurking for a while.... I’m 38 and TTC #1. This will be my 3rd cycle and I’m using a known donor.

This means you name it I’m tracking it, as I only have one shot a month! I think this month I had a chemical (faint positive 10 DPO disappeared 12 DPO)

AF due Friday and then I’ll be ready to try again around the 10th September ... I feel like this will be a long journey for me given my age and situation so hoping that some support will help to keep me strong....

Good luck everyone!

Jen8888 Wed 26-Aug-20 22:07:58

Hi all,

Jumping on the bus, currently 8dpo.

TTC baby no2!

Son is 2 and a half and occasionally breastfed 3/4 times a day, a little worried this may have an impact on fertility.

Very very mild cramp sensation and exhausted, lack of energy but BFN's so far!

(yes I've tested daily) confused

Orlandoflorida1 Wed 26-Aug-20 22:08:09

Thanks @LT103 hopefully my DD doesn’t have me up in the night as I read you need to have been rested for at least 3-4hrs? My cycles used to be 28 days but since having my daughter they can sometimes be longer 🤷🏻‍♀️

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