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Month 4 of trying to conceive... Light bleeding and cramping before period.

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CC90 Mon 24-Aug-20 08:14:08

Hello, my partner and I are on month 4 of TTC. I have noticed since we first started this journey I have been getting cramping pains about 5 days before my periods and a day or two of light bleeding. However this month it's been 5 days of what seems like a light period, I'm now on CD27 and I'm due on tomorrow. My temperature has also dropped this morning which sadly indicates I'm most likely going to come on.

Has anyone else had these symptoms, are they something I should be concerned about? Before we were TTC my periods were normal with just cramping pains the day before it started but I never used to get any kind spotting or light bleeding.

Going into month 5 now and wondering if I should contact the doctor, I have read so many things that say wait a year before you speak to anyone or at least 6 months.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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