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Spotting 4 days after ovulation and conception chances

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Jesslousie Sat 22-Aug-20 08:42:05

For a few months (bar last month) I have spotting slightly, normally about 4DPO. This wasn't common for me so I have been to the gynecologist, had internal scans and infection tests and everything is 'fine' and she couldn't really tell me what was causing it, but worried this is going to effect how easily we conceive! Its only started since we have talked about starting a family...typical! Anyone have any experience with this? I'm regular, ovulate normally and have 'normal' periods and PMS (not heavy or long). Thanks!

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selina37 Sun 23-Aug-20 22:21:56

Hello! I get spotting sometimes from about 4dpo, then on and off throughout the luteal phase.

I have cervical erosion/ectropian. It's a harmless condition which means my cervix is easily irritated and bleeds. So, sometimes after sex/straining on the loo 🙈 I can get red spotting which turns brown.

It's harmless and doesn't affect fertility. It can start when you come off the pill, so it might be that you're now noticing it now that you're trying.

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