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Preseed etc and sensitive lady parts

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Bells3032 Fri 21-Aug-20 16:48:08

hi all

Looking to TTC and I want some lube for some drier days in case. I have previously had major issues with Durex etc and they make me buuuuuurn down there. It was a horrible experience i never want to repeat.

I currently use "YES" water based which is fab and i don't have any reaction to it but not baby friendly. I've been waiting for them to bring out their conception friendly one which keeps saying coming soon and still waiting eyeroll

For those that have used Preseed or other baby friendly ones and who are very sensitive which one do you find the best and doesn't cause any reaction? I can just KY usually i think as had those for my smear etc


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calimommy Fri 21-Aug-20 17:30:28

When you are ovulating (and in the window leading up to it) your body naturally produces cervical fluid which is tailor made to suit sperm. I also have reactions to some lubricants, I would suggest buying a few a trying them out. Alternatively you could use a very small amount of Vaseline (on labia not in the vagina) to help get you in the mood and then your body should take over and produce more fluid.

Praying4aRainbow Sat 22-Aug-20 08:05:42

I have just used pre seed for the first time this month and found no issues with it 😊

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