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FRER getting lighter but CB digital progressive

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QwertyBert Fri 21-Aug-20 11:58:00

Hi all

I’d really appreciate hearing about your experiences.

I tested positive on FRER earlier this week. I initially got BFN on CB digital but then got 1-2 weeks on FMU.

Today I tested on both again, FMU. FRER was a far fainter positive and CB digital was 2-3 week. I’m so confused. Is it probably a chemical?

Thanks in advance.

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calimommy Fri 21-Aug-20 17:36:01

A positive is a positive. HCG doubles every 48hrs, why not wait and test again in a few days? Alternatively you could just start your booking in process and not test again as you've had 4 positive tests?

RMarieClaire Fri 21-Aug-20 18:05:00

How many DPO are you?

Curiosity101 Fri 21-Aug-20 18:08:35

Do you have pictures of the two FRERs? There's a few things it could be. Potentially the FRER from today just has less dye overall/you didn't wet it as much as the one earlier this week? If that was the case both the test and control line on the most recent FRER would be lighter.

QwertyBert Fri 21-Aug-20 18:21:56

Thanks all. First tests in first pic (3 tests), today’s tests in the pic with 2 tests.

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Bananacloud Fri 21-Aug-20 19:09:11

It doesn’t look fainter to me. Looks like pink line getting darker. Don’t worry x

Curiosity101 Fri 21-Aug-20 19:20:00

To me the test line looks ever so slightly darker, or perhaps the same. But the newest test's control line looks fainter than the first two, so my vote is that the new test has slightly less dye in it/you didn't wet it as much.

I would trust things are progressing fine and try to avoid further testing if you can.

Congratulations grin Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

RMarieClaire Fri 21-Aug-20 21:08:09

Control line looks lighter in the second picture too, so I think that's why the test line looks lighter. Try not to worry!

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