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CSG (Thread 2)

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candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 17:53:29

Continuation of previous .. what 4 threads lol

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ReginaaPhalange Wed 19-Aug-20 18:01:19


Welliedays Wed 19-Aug-20 18:06:35

You all crack me up @candycrush2298 @reginaaphlange @boc86 I'm never leaving this chat. Like 3 ever. I still 2wnr this chat when we have the kids away to uni ahahahahahahaha

Update from me: my AF feeling hasn't materialised into AF yet, usually if I get the feeling it's that day or the next day, so hopefully we'll get past tomorrow without issue and then I just need to get to Sunday when I'm testing next and I might have a slight sigh of relief!

I didn't have one of purdey's drinks yesterday and I felt awful so had one again today and I've felt much more awake.. So either AF is on her way or the drinks help, just for when you all get your BFPs and the tiredness kills you too... I will retract the claim if AF shows up ahah

Elakiya Wed 19-Aug-20 18:11:08

I'll just subscribe myself to this thread so I don't lose you all.

Welliedays Wed 19-Aug-20 18:12:58

Yes @elakiya we don't want to lose you!!

candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 18:13:46

@ReginaaPhalange helloooo!!!

@Welliedays lol!!! Think we are a fab bunch!!! Very glad to hear AF has NOT materialised lets hope she doesnt show her face for a very long time yet!!! Cant wait to see your test on Sunday.

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candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 18:14:45

@Elakiya you best do that!!! Would miss you too much if we lost you!! Plus I need to tell you if you are a psychic or not 😂😂😂

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Boc86 Wed 19-Aug-20 19:03:41

Hello all, new thread already wow!!

Has anyone here got children already?
I have an 8 and 10 year old!
No problems conceiving back then 🙄🙄🙄

How do you get a baseline on your temp chart?

Elakiya Wed 19-Aug-20 19:15:02

@Welliedays @candycrush2298 You couldn't lose me if you tried :P. Just need to get through this 1.5 months due to exams and then I'll be back to tell you about my 1 minute BD-ing challenges :P. Plus I want to know how everyone gets on in their journey to baby :D.

@Boc86 I think it turns up after you ovulate and your temperature goes up?
I don't have any kids. Have you got boys or girls or both?

ReginaaPhalange Wed 19-Aug-20 19:23:27

@Boc86 I have a stepdaughter but don't have any children of my own! Hopefully that changes soon!! Lol xx

Boc86 Wed 19-Aug-20 19:33:21

@Elakiya are you having 6 weeks off ttc now? I’m having 13 weeks off
Not through choice lol
I’ve added it into my countdown app 😂
Oh that’s good I’m so excited to chart!
I’ve got 2 girls <3

Aww lovely @ReginaaPhalange <3

candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:11:20

@Boc86 I know we talk such a lot lol new threads come up so quickly. And I have no children yet.
@snapple21 and @Kaybobx both 1 had child and are trying to conceive baby #2

Yeah you get your coverline about 3 or 4 days after your temps start rising as it compares those temps to your pre ovulation temps once it sees a definite shift in temps you get your coverline.

@Elakiya good to know. Hope your exams fly by and you ace them!! Lol!!! 1 minute BDs 🤣🤣🤣

OK everyone I have done it!!! Didn't time it but felt like 700 years lol!! Going to really really try very hard to BD on Friday night to complete the SMEP cycle lol.

So soy did not extend my ovulation date at all ovulating today as predicted.

Hopefully we will see my temps start rising tomorrow if they do I will take Bromelain from tomorrow for 5 days to help with implantation.

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Boc86 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:13:21

Oh fab ta

Sounds like soy might have given you a stronger ovulation? What’s bromelian?!

Kaybobx Wed 19-Aug-20 20:16:22

Oooooh hello you've all moved. I wondered why i wasn't get any notifications 🙂

snapple21 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:23:40

What is bromellain!

candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:24:07

@Boc86 bromelain is the main mineral found in pineapple core. I am sure you have heard the eat pineapple core from 1-5dpo on an empty stomach before you eat or drink anything. Yeah well I bought the tablets lol.

@Kaybobx yep we moved hahaha we were almost at maximum capacity again lol.

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candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:26:04

@Boc86 yeah definitely think the soy has given a stronger ovulation BD was a bit painful because of the ovulation pain. Really really strong on my left side

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Kaybobx Wed 19-Aug-20 20:30:00

@candycrush2298 I'm so glad you mentioned about painful BD when ovulating as i get that too!

Ooo where did you get the bromelain? Is that another tesco special? I'm going on the hunt for soy tomorrow after work

candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:34:36

@Kaybobx yeah it was like ow ow ow ow ow ow lol!!! So glad it's not just me then!!

I just bought it off amazon next day delivery special hahahaha!!!
If you go hunting for soy be sure to check the big tescos and its a really small tub so easy to miss it.

@snapple21 bromelain is what you find in pineapple core it acts a natural blood thinner and anti inflammatory people take bromelain to help with IBS so I am hoping it will help implantation and the IBS symptoms I get when I ovulate.

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indecisivewoman81 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:38:31

Hello, can I still tag along?! I much prefer this group to the others!!

I am so hoping there are lots of BFPs this month!!

Still no sign of AF (will be a week late on Friday). No spotting for two days either so o am really hoping this is a good sign that this little bean will stick.

@Boc86 I have 2 children 10 and 7 so quite similar to you x

Kaybobx Wed 19-Aug-20 20:39:40

@candycrush2298 sorry just remind me one more time... soy you take 120mg everyday for 5 days? The ones on Amazon are like 300mg!!! I'll have to have abit of a drive out to a bigger tesco tomorrow

NamechangeTTC Wed 19-Aug-20 20:54:03

Joining back in.

We def struggled with frequency last cycle. Actual swelling so bad it was hard to go again. Ridiculous.

I’m in agony today. Hot water bottle and can’t move.

Hoping I’m better tomorrow.

I’m intrigued by the bromelain. Think I’ll try the soy this month.

candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:54:43

@indecisivewoman81 of course!! Would love to hear your pregnancy progresses!! Please stay so that we know your bean is sticking cant wait to see scans I know its still far away lol but you know its so exciting lol!!
You and me both hoping for loads of BFPs.
Whahahaha glad to know we are a nice bunch probably because we talk so much and I have no filter 🤣🤣🤣

@Kaybobx yeah Amazon has very high mg of Soy. Tesco is nice and low. 500mg is far too high and who knows the effects those could have. Dont do anything over 200mg thats all I kept seeing when I was reading lol.
Yes 120mg (3 tablets of Tesco brand) per day for 5 days. So total of 15tablets. Can you not do a tesco online order lol. If not hopefully the far one will have what you are needing!!!

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Welliedays Wed 19-Aug-20 20:57:29

Yes @indecisivewoman81... Says me as a potential fraud being here as well 😂 I really hope yours is a sticky little bean! It does sound promising... Remember how many people say they think they've just had a really really light period and it turns out they were pregnant! I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine

candycrush2298 Wed 19-Aug-20 20:57:49

@NamechangeTTC hey!! You made it!

By frequency do you mean amount of BD? Didnt you guys do it like every day of your fertile window last cycle? Lol think you guys covered your bases hahaha.

Ugh what an annoying AF hate the painful ones.
If you gonna do the soy you must pick which days as you need to start soon. If today is CD1 for you .

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