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Line eyes please

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SpringDream Wed 19-Aug-20 07:44:04

This is cycle 4 of TTC for me. I have a 28/29 day cycle and currently I am 4 days late. I use OPKs and I do ovulate late, this month about CD23.
Took a FRER today, I think I am about 11dpo based on my app, what do you think?

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justanotherneighinparadise Wed 19-Aug-20 07:47:18

I can see it!

SpringDream Wed 19-Aug-20 07:56:38

@justanotherneighinparadise i just don't want to get too excited and have my heart broken! Going to wait a few days and test at the weekend maybe

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Pinkiii Wed 19-Aug-20 07:58:11

I can see a very faint line! Do another test in a couple of days and hopefully it will be darker.

Fingers crossed for you.

Hariboz Wed 19-Aug-20 09:38:16

It’s definitely there

Greyhoundgirly Wed 19-Aug-20 09:57:54

Defo a line, no mistaking it! All the best to you x

QwertyBert Wed 19-Aug-20 10:22:31

Yup! It’s there!!

samantha06 Wed 19-Aug-20 10:33:40

I can 100% see a line!!! Congrats!!😁

SpringDream Wed 19-Aug-20 11:52:12

Thanks everyone, cautiously optimistic but will test at weekend and let you all know smile

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PurpleIsTheColour Wed 19-Aug-20 13:47:22

Definitely see a line there, congrats! 🙂

SpringDream Wed 19-Aug-20 16:10:30

For anyone testing or testing in the future I would not recommend femometer hcg testing strips, they have only just started to show a vvvvv faint line this afternoon despite AF being 4 days late!

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