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Line eyes or faint line!?

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FxBB2020 Sun 16-Aug-20 15:18:19

Hi ladies,

I'm guessing I am suffering with a bad case of line eyes! I'm assuming I'm between 8 and 10 dpo today..took this cheapy as I felt the need to pee on something and wanted to save my frers for another day or two! Surprisingly I feel like I can see something there...came up within 2-3 i going mad?!

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Babs709 Sun 16-Aug-20 15:19:03

I can see a very faint line 🤞🏻

Frogerty Sun 16-Aug-20 15:20:15

I can see a faint line, The photo’s a little blurry though!

FxBB2020 Sun 16-Aug-20 15:28:00

Oh my god 🙈 trying not to explode with excitement...while remaining realistic that it may be nothing at all!!
Heres a clearer picture

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GanderousGoose Sun 16-Aug-20 15:31:55

That looks like a tentative positive to me. Take another test in the morning :-)

Babs709 Sun 16-Aug-20 15:39:08

I can definitely see something there.

Enjoy that it says “Gary” at the top... I hope that’s what you plan to call the baby and not your partners name. I read somewhere that the name ‘Gary’ was dying out.

Waitingforbabypage Sun 16-Aug-20 16:21:23

I can see a line! How exciting for you!

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