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It's nearly go time for ttc and feeling so anxious

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Bells3032 Sun 16-Aug-20 12:17:09

So dh and I agreed to start trying the end of Sept. I'll admit I am feeling so so anxious about it atm. The reasons being:
1. I am due to have my coil taken out in two weeks. I haven't not been on some form of birth control since I was 16 due to horrific periods and I am petrified of going back to those again esp after 5 years of no periods.
2. My husband has suffered infertility (I knew this before we got married) due to Pituity cancer when he was a child. He's been undergoing hormone treatments for 18 months but his sperm tests so far have been pretty much nothing there so introduced lh and fsh 4 months ago and he's about to have blood tests to see if that has worked and if so if that's produced sperm. If it hasn't then not sure what the next step is
3. Whilst I always wanted kids it was always an abstract and wanted to travel a bit more but with covid we haven't managed to get a lot of it done and figured we may not be able to do it in near future.
4. Being pregnant during covid but between the the fertility issues and my age (32) we figured out the we didn't have time to wait til covid is over.

How do you get over your pre conception jitters esp with so little sleep due to the heat

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Houndabouttown Sun 16-Aug-20 12:21:42

Are you under a fertility clinic with due to the known issues with your DH’s sperm count? If his count is zero then you will probably need to think about using a sperm donor? Have you discussed that together?

Bells3032 Sun 16-Aug-20 12:26:03

@houndabouttown we are not under a clinic yet... We are with his endocronigist for the time being as what he had is very rare and his treatment is quite experimental at this point so we really have no idea what to expect. We've decided that should sperm still be zero we will likely go with a donor. But I don't know if there are any other treatment options available or not.

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Houndabouttown Sun 16-Aug-20 12:44:11

Just thought it might be worth seeing if your DHs treatment has worked before you get your coil out to save your bad periods form potentially returning if his count hasn’t gone up. Definitely speak to the endocrinologist and ask if a fertility clinic appt is needed. I’d probably sort that stuff before worrying about the rest of the things.

Hope everything goes well for you x

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