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Pregnacare and Clear Blue Digital

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Els88 Sun 16-Aug-20 08:52:27


So month number 2 of trying and like clockwork came my period! Never mind - maybe third time lucky! Trying not to stress 🙁

So I've been having sex the 5 days on the run up to my LH surge as I've been using the kits. My friend tried for 6 months this way. She is now pregnant with baby number 2 and said she "made him store it up" (🤮) and then had sex when she got the smiley face and the day after (potentially ovulation) and this way took her 2 months after taking Pregnacare Conception.

I understand we're all different and what may work for her, may not for me. What ways have worked for you & have you found this tablet good?

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