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Very very confused and a bit scared 🤯

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mummyof2boys1girl Thu 13-Aug-20 11:51:29

Hi Everyone

So I'm feeling a little stressed, my previous cycle was just 19 days which I put down to my diet, I'd gone serious low carb so think that effected it

Assumed I'd go back to my usual 25 day cycle

I had my last period 19th July and according to my app I should of ovulated 31st July I DTD on 28th and 2nd August

I had a faint positive on a Sainsbury's test and after researching my husband probably would of also got a bfp 😂

Yesterday morning CD25 I started spotting nothing in knickers or pad and only there when I wiped but pinky/browny so I expected to be full flow by now and I'm not

I'm worried my cycle is out of sorts 😞 and something could be wrong

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Threnody Thu 13-Aug-20 12:19:18

It might be worth taking another test, if you had a faint positive - just because other people have had false positives, doesn't mean yours was.

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