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How soon after miscarriage did you try again?

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Annie1211 Tue 11-Aug-20 20:46:20

Hey everyone.

How soon after your miscarriage did you and your partner TTC again? X

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ChanklyBore Tue 11-Aug-20 20:54:08

Immediately. I don’t know if it’s wise exactly, but I couldn’t bear the delay, so straight away every time.

Sansa87 Tue 11-Aug-20 20:58:41

I had my surgery for a mmc on 27th July, & we are ttc again. Like above, I’m not sure it’s wise, but I feel empty.

We aren’t being super militant with it though. Using opk’s, & trying to dtd when we are supposed to, but not feeling bad that we’ve missed some nights. (I had the fifth day of high fertility in the opk this morning though. The month we got pregnant I only had three before the peak, so think my body may just be recovering.)

Lollol86 Tue 11-Aug-20 21:05:10

@Annie1211 straight away too.

WishUponAStar88 Tue 11-Aug-20 21:08:01

As soon as the bleeding stopped. I was recommended to wait a cycle to accurately date a potential pregnancy that month but I couldn’t bring myself to use contraception when we so wanted a baby.

Hirewiredays Tue 11-Aug-20 21:10:18

Was told to wait one period to build up a good layer of lining for a successful implantation and better for dating. I got pregnant again quickly and it was successful. I heard that from two doctors I saw.

Hariboz Tue 11-Aug-20 21:23:30

I’ve read apparently your more fertile after a chemical pregnancy, not sure if the same applies to miscarriages at later stages. My chemical happened day period was due. Didn’t try for two months after that for other reasons but if I could have I would have x

CarrieFour Tue 11-Aug-20 21:24:27

The same month.

I miscarries at 11 weeks. Had a D&C booked but miscarried naturally the day before the appointment.

So I felt my body had done the natural thing and wasn't too concerned.

My husband and I wanted to have sex for the closeness at that time, rather than because of the clock like the previous months of TTC. And I felt like using a condom would be silly.

Got pregnant from that one time and the whole pregnancy was fine. Baby healthy (now a very healthy 7yo)

Midwife tutted a bit as apparently it can cause dating issues but I knew the exact day of conception so she was moaning about nothing really. X

GiraffeHat Tue 11-Aug-20 21:28:07

Had a MMC, waited one cycle then got pregnant again. Now have DD - 8 weeks old!

DappledOliveGroves Tue 11-Aug-20 21:35:10

I had a missed miscarriage two weeks ago and had medical management. I want to start trying again but I'm starting a new job in just under a month, so makes sense to wait a few weeks with the hope that I might qualify for enhanced maternity (or at least statutory maternity rather than maternity allowance which is what I was facing until I miscarried).

We're using condoms at the moment - it feels pretty annoying to be using them, but then again I sort of want to have a period and have a bit of time to try and get fitter and healthier before TTC again. But I do feel that I'm somehow missing an opportunity.

Puppydogg1 Tue 11-Aug-20 21:38:05

I waited one cycle before trying again, just for my own emotional well being more than a then to else.
I fell pregnant again that cycle and after a healthy pregnancy I now have a two week old

troppibambini Tue 11-Aug-20 21:43:04

I had three miscarriages and tried straight away after all of them. I got pregnant immediately twice before having a period. Both ended up sticking and are 9 and 6 now.

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