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Chemical yesterday, hoping for BFP next month

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Lille4 Tue 11-Aug-20 07:21:07

I got a bfp on a digital last week. But woke up to the most devastating sight of bleeding with heavy clots yesterday morning. We were 5 weeks along. I’m so messed up right now and honestly so sad that all of the excitement and happiness has been snatched away from me😥

Hopefully because it’s so early, my next cycle will be fairly normal and we can TTC again with better luck! Who’s in the same position? Please join me and let’s share some good news and positivity 🙂

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Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 11:42:24

@lille4 I'm so sorry to hear this. If its any consolation I'm slightly ahead of you... I had a chemical last month (I only had my positive for 2 days before I started bleeding) and they are horrible.. But what helped me is knowing that at this stage it's only a bunch of cells, there isnt a heartbeat or anything 💔 not that it makes it much easier as you'll have spent the last few days thinking of the future. I decided to get straight back on with ttc though and counted the first day of my bleed as cycle day 1 this time round. I wish I could give you more positive news, but I am currently half way through my tww so haven't done a test yet. I did have some spotting yesterday, which I'm really hoping is implantation, but I'm not going to test for a little while yet to hopefully let the hcg levels build. AF is due on Thursday so I might try and hold off until then!

Hope you feel better about it soon, I had a couple of bad days but then I felt better and ready for the next try. They do say you're more fertile after a chemical (don't know if that's right or wrong, so there's hope!)

Lille4 Fri 14-Aug-20 11:54:35

@Welliedaysthanjs so much. You don’t know how much your comment has made me feel not so alone. I’m still bleeding from the chemical ( this has been my longest ‘period‘ ever) and it makes me feel sick every time I see a clot😢 I’m also ready for it to end because I want to start trying again. Was your next cycle longer due to the chemical? Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping you get a bfp. It feels like torture waiting to test but I’m rooting for you. Thankssmile

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Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 12:30:14

@lille4 Oh no lovely it really is the worst isn't it, because you feel like you can't tell/burden anyone about it in real life. I actually confided in a close friend which I found really helpful too - not for sympathy but just to have someone I know to speak to about it. But in any case, you're definitely not alone!! If it'd any help I was bleeding from the Friday, right through to the following Friday, but it did get less clots as the week went on.

This is my first cycle after my chemical, so it's hard to know if it's longer or not. I thought it might be, but if this spotting is actual implantation spotting then I'd say it isn't (I don't do any type of ovulation tracking other than using my flo app) as my flo app puts me at 9dpo today, so implantation at around 8dpo would be in the right ballpark!

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 12:34:04

@lillle4 also, I meant to say have you spoke to the midwives/doctors at all? I would give them a call so at least it's logged if you end up with any recurrent problems (although I really hope not!). They will probably tell you to speak to the early pregnancy unit, I don't know if you've delay with them before/already, but they can't do much anyway before 6 weeks as they can't detect heartbeats on scans before then. They do say to test again a week or so after your bleed to confirm you aren't still pg (as there is a small chance it's not cwusinf a chemical), but getting the negative isn't nice!

Mustbemad82 Fri 14-Aug-20 13:04:13

Same here - chemical last month and I think it’s happening again now !
Dark brown discharge

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 13:26:34

@mustbemad82 alot of discharge? It could be implantation?

Mustbemad82 Fri 14-Aug-20 13:30:42

Not loads - it’s not there when I wipe , it’s more inside me - I’m lost, really am

Sophi123 Fri 14-Aug-20 13:45:24

Just to say I'm in same boat too. Chemical last month at nearly 5 weeks (after a week of excitement/joy!). Was so hopeful/desperate to get pregnant again this month but 11DPO today and took a FRER this morning with not even an inkling of a line. So presume it hasn't happened for me again this month - absolutely gutted sad. So sorry you're going through this too.

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 13:53:00

@mustbemad82 it could well be implantation rather than anything else. How long have you had it and how many dpo are you?

@Sophi123 implantation can be as late as 12dpo and hcg levels could take 48 hours to be high enough to test... So test again at 14/15dpo and see then. I know waiting is so hard

Mustbemad82 Fri 14-Aug-20 13:58:10

@Welliedays started yesterday at lunch and maybe seen the discharge about 3/4 times since

I’m not overly sure about DPO- I’d say about 14/15/16 at a push

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 14:22:08

@mustbemad82 I don't think you can get to 15 or 16dpo 🤷🏼‍♀️ are you tracking ovulation? If not I'd say its maybe come later than you thought and it could be implantation. Implantation can last up to 3 or so days, so keep an eye on it.. If it was anything more I think it would already be alot heavier

zippityzip Fri 14-Aug-20 14:30:00

I'm really sorry if this is insensitive or ignorant. What is the difference between a chemical pregnancy and miscarriage. I would have thought that 5 weeks is a miscarriage.
It feels as though the term CP makes it feel like "not a real pregnancy" when it was. Unless I'm completely mistaken.
Sorry for your loss OP I really hope your next BFP is sticky!

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 15:35:48

@zippityzip a chemical pregnancy is classed as a very early pregnancy loss that happens when an egg is fertilized but never fully implants. They usually occur at around week four to five of your cycle (so usually around the time AF is due) so often go unnoticed as the bleeding can mimic a period - often, as the egg hasn't properly implanted you only see faint lines on pregnancy tests. There can't be a proper test to say you definitely had a egg trying to implant as ultrasound scans can't pick up heartbeats until 6 weeks (and in any case, it's unlikely that the fertilised egg would have a heartbeat as it's usually a bunch of cells at that stage). A miscarriage is once the fertilised egg has fully attached to your uterus and the placenta etc is all in place. Its kind of irrelevant what they are called I suppose as at the end of the say it is a loss following a positive pregnancy test, but I prefer saying chemical because as you say it sounds as though its not a real pregnancy, which to be honest I find easier to process. I hope this helps xx

zippityzip Fri 14-Aug-20 16:29:17

@Welliedays Thank you that actually makes a lot of sense x

Littlebee1990 Fri 14-Aug-20 17:21:15

I’m so sorry, it’s heartbreaking. I had a chemical pregnancy last month at 5 weeks and 3 days, it’s devastating. Be prepared for your cycle to either be normal or longer, mine just lasted 40 days and then AF got me, I am always usually 28 dahs and ovulate around CD16 but the cycle after the CP I didn’t ovulate until CD25! I was really hoping for a BFP after the chemical but hopefully this cycle will be my lucky one x

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 17:40:58

@littlebee1990 ahh no, sorry to hear that.. But hopefully you're good to go now!! I do keep wondering if my spotting could be something to do with ovulation 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I do fee like I ovulated already so I'm really not sure!

BindingGrace Fri 14-Aug-20 20:42:34

I wanted to give you some hopeful news! I had a chemical pregnancy last month and ovulated a bit later than usual (CD26). About a week ago I got my bfp and am now 6 weeks pregnant. Everything seems to be going okay so far and I have a midwifes appointment next week. Really hoping you all get your bfps soon!

Sophi123 Fri 14-Aug-20 21:05:57

Thanks @welliedays for the optimism. Will try and leave it a few days to test, but I understand FRERs are pretty accurate at 11DPO so I think I should probably accept I'm out. No symptoms either. Just was so hopeful this month so really disappointed. Good luck to you all!

Welliedays Fri 14-Aug-20 21:13:06

Ahh don't count yourself out just yet @Sophi123 remember implantation can be as late as day 12...and even if it was day 9 or 10 you levels might not be high enough yet even for frer. You're not out until AF shows up!! Keep positive

Sophi123 Sat 15-Aug-20 09:27:00

Yeah - another FRER this morning which was white as white sad. Ah well - now just need AF to come and move on to next cycle!

HollowayL30 Sat 15-Aug-20 10:26:54

@Lille4 So sorry to hear that you had a chemical, I'm in the same boat.. we had a chemical last month and the excitement of haven't a 4th and final to then be taken away is the worst! However this month I've just got my ovulation peak yesterday which was only a day out from my app. So hopefully this month we get pregnant again and the little bean sticks. Are you guys going to be trying again soon? I was so worried that I need to have a proper period after but the midwife said that as long as we feel okay in trying straight away there is no harm! So good luck to you if you are, and looking forward to see your BFP 🥰

Lille4 Sat 15-Aug-20 10:43:56

@HollowayL30 thanks so much for your comment. This is our second. And we all got so excited when I got my bfp. Sadly it didn’t last. It’s such a horrible thing to go through and I’m sorry that you’re all here after a chemical mc. We’re going to try again this month as I can’t bear to wait even longer for a bfp. The torture is real but I’m hoping for a sticky grab next time! Good luck to each and everyone of you and praying af stays away this month x

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Marmite133 Sat 15-Aug-20 12:21:46

I really feel your pain ladies, after a 10 weeks miscarriage in Feb I've had 2 chemical pregnancies. Deep down I knew something was up as the lines were faint, didn't appear til late on, didn't come up in the time frame etc etc. After the first one I swore I wouldn't test early but I did of course and went through it all again. Don't beat yourself up if you test regularly like I did! I always see people saying 'don't test til AF is late, you'll just stress yourself out' but the reality is your stressed anyway so 🤷‍♀️
Anyway I got a bfp last week at 9 dpo (month after my last chemical) and the lines are getting stronger, temp is high and AF hasn't appeared today so it's looking a lot more promising this time 🤞
Best of luck to you all.

HollowayL30 Sat 15-Aug-20 13:24:02

@Marmite133 Aww congratulations, this is so reassuring! I keep saying to my DH that I'm not going to test end of this month just for the fear of either not being or the same thing happening. It's crazy as this is our will be our fourth and we haven't ever had anything like this happen, to be fair I'd never even herd of a chemical.l to recently. We're all positive tho and if it doesn't happen by September we will try again next year as this one there planning around my brother wedding in Australia and going back there to see his family so I'm not fussed if it doesn't happen by then as we can try again next year 😀 x

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