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Puzzling HCG results

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Countrygirl29 Sun 09-Aug-20 16:50:43

If anyone can shed some light I would really appreciate it... So I am on the Mini pill. I began bleeding on the 20th of July For 4 days and assumed it was a period that I sometimes get on the pill. I then stopped for 4 days and then began bleeding light, with a few moderate days for a week before a friend suggested I take a test which came back positive. I then continued to have light bleeding for nearly 2 weeks (only stopped today) and in that time I had a TV scan that diagnosed pregnancy of an unknown location and HCG levels of 250, with them rising to 280 2 days later. I’m booked in for another blood test on Tuesday but I’m wondering if I had a failed pregnancy and have managed to get pregnant again because I have had no signs of an ectopic and am fit and well in myself? My midwife is pretty stumped as that is not a typical rise for ectopic or early pregnancy. My partner and I did have sex during the spotting as I thought the bleeding had stopped 🙈

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Em39ma Sun 09-Aug-20 20:27:26

I had the same as you. Mine turned out to be in a tube, but to small to be seen. I pass it out the tube myself about 2 weeks after I started to bleed. I too was on the pill when I fell.

Countrygirl29 Sun 09-Aug-20 20:34:50

@Em39ma thanks so much for the reply. I’ve stopped bleeding after 2 weeks and my levels have still gone up...I just don’t get it. Hopefully I will get some answers on Tuesday. I know my hcg level rise isn’t a double like it should have been but fingers crossed it isn’t an ectopic that requires any medical intervention...

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Em39ma Mon 10-Aug-20 05:54:44

I stopped bleeding too, then about 2 weeks after that got awful pain in my stomach. I have a very high pain threshold, so for me to complain my DH and DM knew there was something wrong. I ended up in A&E.
My levels rose until they got to 500 and something, when they started to go down took nearly 3 months to get below 10.

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