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Clear blue lines

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RockyisMYRhino Sat 08-Aug-20 18:03:10

Did a clearblue test this afternoon and got a BFP although only with a tiny bit of urine (thought I needed a bigger wee than I did). As i was looking at it, the positive line appeared straight away before the control line did - has that happened to anyone else? Can I believe that I am actually pregnant, or should I try again with another one tomorrow?

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octobersky19 Sat 08-Aug-20 18:18:37

Have you got any other tests? I'd test again just to avoid disappointment etc.. good luck x

RockyisMYRhino Sat 08-Aug-20 18:20:08

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get more tests @octobersky19 might get a digital one so there's no doubt of the result

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RockyisMYRhino Sat 08-Aug-20 21:39:39

Any one else experienced this?

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SamanthaF1233 Sat 08-Aug-20 21:45:07

I did with my lil girl! Periods at the time were all over the place so didnt think much of it was my partner who suggested testing grin - I was about 6 weeks gone and when I did a test the first line appeared before the control line did for each one I took. I took several to be sure. She is now a healthy 11 month old. Good luck!

RockyisMYRhino Sat 08-Aug-20 22:20:49

Glad it's not just me then @SamanthaF1233! I'm going to get hold of a digital one tomorrow just to double check before I go making any announcements to family etc (DH got the wrong one this morning as we used a digital one with our DS a few years ago to avoid any doubt like this!)

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SamanthaF1233 Sat 08-Aug-20 22:27:26

Good luck!flowers Let us know how you get on.

RockyisMYRhino Sun 09-Aug-20 11:11:28

Well I got hold of a digital clearblue tear this morning and there's no doubt about it. Definitely pregnant smilesmilesmile the weeks work out right too so I've probably pickled the poor little thing in the last couple of weeks! blush

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SamanthaF1233 Sun 09-Aug-20 11:16:27

Ah congratulations!flowers - hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months!

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