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Trying to conceive

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CrazyCatLady17 Wed 05-Aug-20 12:22:34

I've just never had this light pink/brown spotting. My periods have always started heavy with clots. I guess its just wait and see.

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Neon7 Wed 05-Aug-20 12:08:47

If your period is due tomorrow and the test is negative then just wait for your period to arrive. It will rule out a pregnancy.

If no period tomorrow then test again, but period may come late.

I’ve had a late period when I’m ttc and it really messes with your head, eventually it does show up thought and if the tests are negative it’s a good chance it’ll show.

CrazyCatLady17 Wed 05-Aug-20 11:48:40

Hi all. I am new here. I would love any info you might have. 2 days before my predicted ovulation date I thought af had started but it was just a blob of thick white discharge, anyway that night we had sex and then 8 days later I started getting ovary pain on my left side which then after a few days moved to the right side. Now a day before my period due date I have very light pink/brown spotting when I wipe. I use a cycle calculator app which said my period was due tomorrow making my cycle 30 days even though the last 2 have been 25/26 days which is unusual for me as I usually go 30-32 days and my periods are usually very heavy as soon as they start. I have done a pregnancy test which was negative. Anyone have any ideas on what could be happening?

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