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Help please? AF due yesterday, 12-14dpo, BFN, brown discharge today?

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rmac2020 Tue 04-Aug-20 17:21:29

Hi everyone,

Just a bit clueless about what’s happening....

Static smiley 14 days ago, with an ovulation bleed which I’ve never had before. Pink discharge about 5 days ago and pinching feelings in my lower abdomen.

AF was due yesterday, always starts with bright red blood and is heavy straight away. Yesterday I had brown discharge all day, really light and not enough to fill a panty liner and has pretty much gone today. I don’t even get this at the end of AF normally.

My boobs are sore which is normal for my AF but I’ve got no cramping whatsoever.

I took a FRER today and it was negative, I thought I could see the faintest line ever but realistically there was probably nothing there.

I’m so bad for symptom spotting and clutching at straws 🙁

Does anybody have any advice or thoughts on what’s going on? X

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PlanBea Tue 04-Aug-20 17:49:52

Your progesterone might be a bit lower this month, it causes spotting on the run up to AF. If your LH surge didn't result in an ovulation you may have either ovulated late or had an annovulatory cycle this month (which happens every so often and once isn't something to worry about) However you're not out until AF arrives, good luck!

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