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Boobs not sore at all this month - Usually killing me by now

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30andTTC1 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:56:54

I always get mild sore boobs from 1-2 DPO, then get really sore and full up until the day before AF (so bad that if I'm braless, I have to walk really slowly down the stairs grin ). Once she arrives, they dont hurt in the slightest and feel empty.
This is the same every single month without fail.

This month, my boobs havent been sore AT ALL! Not even the smallest sign. Im currently 9 DPO and should be in full swing of boob pain by now.

Has anyone else experienced this and got a BFP?

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bibs124 Tue 04-Aug-20 16:00:35

@30andTTC1 hi OP, I had varying PMS symptoms month by month, some months my boobs were soo sore but others not - the month I got my BFP I didn't actually have any symptoms at all so no sore boobs so was quite a surprise for me. Good luck with next few days, fingers crossed you get your BFP this month grin

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