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TTC and smoking

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Wingingit2020 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:36:11

I had my non-hormonal coil removed last week and today is the last day of my period so TTC for our first child starts TOMORROW!

I went out at the weekend just gone for my "last hurrah" for a while whilst I focus on my task in hand so I drank myself in to oblivion wishing I could tell my friends it was the last time i'd be out with them knocking back shots for a long time (i've told them i'm doing a detox to reverse the damage I created to my waistline during lockdown, which isn't a complete lie, i'm wanting to get as healthy as I possibly can).

Alcohol I can happily quit, I've not really enjoyed drinking over the past year or so anyway and bad food I can happily leave but i'm really struggling with the cigs. I've gone from 15-18 a day to 4 or 5 a day over the last 3/4 weeks and using a vape in between but I of course want to quit completely and cutting down more and more each week.

I don't want to be a tragic 33 year old smoker regardless of TTC, it's a habit i love to hate and hate to love but has anyone smoked whilst TTC? I know the minute I am pregnant I won't smoke but the addiction part of me isn't taking this seriously!

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Sansa87 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:43:57

I had my last cigarette 4 weeks before we ttc. I used patches, & the spray. I found if I just focused on baby, it made it A lot easier.

I’m 33 and was scared my egg quality was already getting a bit crappy, so wanted to do everything I can.

We got our bfp on our first cycle, but unfortunately had a mmc confirmed at 9 weeks, with baby stopping growing at 6.

People obviously do go on to have healthy pregnancies whilst smoking. My mum did for all three of her pregnancies.

I really recommend trying two different types of the nicotine therapy if one doesn’t work. My doctor and midwife both said it was safe, & a hell of a lot better than smoking s

I don’t know if 4 weeks was long enough really, as I think I’m always going to blame the 15 years of smoking for our mmc.

I hope this hasn’t come across negative or judgy?

Wingingit2020 Tue 04-Aug-20 16:15:16

@Sansa87 No no not judgy at all - I really appreciate the honesty. I'm the same as you, i've been smoking for 15 years and i'm so scared i've done so much damage to myself. I'm really sorry about your mmc. Your post has really made me open my eyes and look at the bigger picture so thank you x

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