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Going mad symptom spotting!

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SJ789 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:52:37

Driving myself crazy symptom spotting so thought I'd air it on here to get some opinions!

Just to clarify this is my first time TTC, I stopped taking the pill in April and I have not had a period since the withdrawal bleed. However late last Sunday I felt strong ovulation pain so just to be sure we DTD the next day (I know you increase chances by DTD a couple days before ovulation but I had no idea when that was going to be, I haven't tried tracking yet, so just thought no harm in trying soon after ovulation if what I felt was actually ovulation!)

Anyway, the next day after DTD I got a really bad lower back ache in the afternoon, came on really suddenly and started to radiate acheyness round my sides, and then after about an hour it was gone. Skip to what I believe would be 4 or 5dpo and I had a very light pinkish discharge which I noticed when wiping (sorry tmi!!), through reading various things on dr google is this some kind of implantation bleed?? I've been having various twinges in my lower belly also but I can't decide if I'm symptom spotting or if something is actually going on!?

This is all still pretty new to me - please tell me if I sound like a crazy person and reading far too much into everything!? I won't be offended! Just driving myself mad 😂

Thank you!

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