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Clear blue ultra early - vvv faint line

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kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 10:36:14

I've got a v v v v faint line on a CB today. I had a chemical a couple of months ago and am worried this is going the same way. I'm 12 dpo. Shouldn't a test be pretty obvious by now?

has anyone used these tests?

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Juno231 Tue 04-Aug-20 10:37:55

These tests are notorious for false positives/evaps - I'd consider doing a FRER or another pink dye for some peace of mind.

kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 10:40:09

I did a pink test yesterday and got a faint line on that too. I've ordered FRERs but they aren't coming for a few days. I don't think this is an evap.

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kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 10:47:13

Also arrrrrrgh, it is so annoying that dodgy tests are allowed on the market! FRERs are getting negative reviews too - not that I can seem to buy them in an actual shop.

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2020wish Tue 04-Aug-20 13:19:37

Frer are actually getting worse atm and I don’t recommend them at all. I stick by clear blue early detection. It’s impossible to get a false positive. A false positive as blue dye in it. An evap is grey. If you are unlucky (like myself) to get what people say is a false positive (second line that’s faint with a hint of blue) then in the coming days they rest of tests are negative that unfortunately was a chemical pregnancy, but in no way a false positive, rather a real positive just not with the expected outcome. But finally this cycle I got my BFP at 7dpo with a clear blue ultra early and now I’m over 6 weeks!! And frer never ever showed positive for me at all! In any of the 4 pregnancies I’ve had in the past year lol so if you can see a line in ur clear blue and it has colour then fingers crossed it’s a sticky bean for you!! Xx

daisychain1620 Tue 04-Aug-20 13:57:32

Good luck to you, but please be wary of frer. I've been sharing my experience on a couple of other threads too just to help others not get their hopes up to perhaps be disappointed like I was. I got all these lines and I'm not and never was pregnant. In fact the last pic is a test I ran under the tap.

kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 14:01:03

@daisychain1620 wow those do look positive. By the time the FRER arrive, my period will either have arrived or not so I think I'll know anyway!

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pinklady1207 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:28:48

I agree with @daisychain1620, I had 2 false positives with FRER’s 2 months ago. Had a faint positive on a CB which was confirmed with a digital and I am now 6+2 x

2020wish Tue 04-Aug-20 14:33:22

@daisychain1620 @pinklady1207 did u buy those frer on amazon? I’ve heard so many people saying they got sent fake tests that showed positive when even using tap water! Crazy!

daisychain1620 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:39:56

Yes there were bought from Amazon and I'm ashamed to say I did approx 10-14- crazy. They were a mixture of first response and rapid results. I really don't want to seem like a Debby downer but I just feel like I want others to know about this.
I truly hope you are preggers!

kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 14:43:37

I'm mainly concerned about how faint the line is for my DPO.

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kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 14:44:07

To be clear, I haven't done an FRER!

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daisychain1620 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:49:53

Oh yes I know it's just in case you get a dodgy one like mine!
I can't advise on how strong the line would be but my friend didn't get a line until a couple of days after their period was due

pinklady1207 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:51:34

Mine were from Superdrug. Do you have a pic of your CB?

kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 14:53:08

Here is it.

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kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 14:56:25

*here it is!

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2020wish Tue 04-Aug-20 14:59:51

Looks exactly like mine around 12 dpo

2020wish Tue 04-Aug-20 15:01:15

I think this is my pic

kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 15:04:29

Oh thanks @2020wish fingers crossed then 🤞🏻

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pinklady1207 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:07:27

Looks like mine! I got ‘pregnant’ on a digi later the same day x

kirinm Tue 04-Aug-20 15:12:13

That's so strange as I thought the digitalis were meant to be less sensitive! Great news for you both though. Fingers crossed it's the same for me. Good luck with your pregnancies x

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2020wish Tue 04-Aug-20 15:13:09

I got my digital on the same day also! It has to be just the normal digital, not the weeks indicator one, those ones are less sensitive

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